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Favorite recipes for freezing?

What are your favorite recipes to make in a huge batch and freeze?  Working on getting more organized for the new year.  I've tried freezing batches before but when I pull them out of the freezer, they are all watery.  (suggestions on how to freeze food are welcome!)

Thanks! :)

Hi there and Welcome!!

I did  a quick search for "freezing food" in the "Dine n Dish" (food centric) and "Kitchen Sink" (general lifestyle centric) boards, since this particular one is geared towards health/weight loss.

Since you're new, I'll let ya get by this first time. ;)

While you're looking around, why don't you stop by the Happy Hour Board and tell us a bit about you so we can possibly help you out even more!!!

Anywho, here's what I found:

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uwponine, glad to have a new friend on VegWeb. :)

My favorite foods to make in large amounts and freeze are

Chili beans
Breads(muffins, scones and sliced bread)
Ripe banana(sliced)

Since I can't eat a whole batch of muffins, I bake them, freeze most and zap one in the microwave to heat and eat for breakfast.

Frozen banana slices are great for smoothies.


I've been making big batches and freezing since I got my new job 5 months ago (longer commute = much less time to cook at night). I've had great luck freezing chili, cooked oatmeal, lentil curries, and a stew I make with lentils and quinoa. Potatoes are a little tricky, some stews I make freeze and thaw ok, in others the potatoes get all...cottony? I'm not picky so I eat them anyway, lol. I also make pasta with tomato based sauces and they turn out okay when frozen.

Rice also freezes well, I separate mine out into one cup portions into freezer baggies, then flatten them out so they freeze quickly. I also flash freeze a lot of fruit for making smoothies quickly, such as peeled and sliced bananas and oranges. Most breads and cookies freeze well, as do cooked beans.

"Freeze" now no longer looks like a word  :D


Pasta sauces and chili are the two things I freeze most. It's always handy, because they don't take long to thaw and it's smart to have something on hand. Plus, it's better to freeze it, then throw it out when you haven't eaten it! I also freeze the crusts of gluten free bread, then blitz them to make bread crumbs.

My other tip is to label it with the date, so you know how long it's been in there.

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