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Dark Circles under eyes...

I always seem to have dark circles under my eyes.  With me, probably lack of sleep but could it also be a lack of a certain vitamin or nutrient?

For those who have them, what do you do to lessen them?

Thanks in advance.


I was under the impression that it was iron...
I think it can alo be natural... I just naturally have a dark undereye area.
I don't know if it helps but cucumber slices do feel very nice. :)
I also have an eye pillow filled with yummy smelling herbs and such which feels good and smells nice. I just lay it on my eyes sometimes and fall asleep like that. It opens my sinuses! But I don't know if it helps circles...


Thanks for the suggestions guys,

I know my iron is good as it was just tested.  Someone told a friend of mine it was lack of vitamin A.  I wonder if I get enough vitamin A.  I am allergic to carrots and should eat more cantaloupe and sweet potatoes but I rarely do.

Maybe it is just old age!  :)


I have always had dark under eye circles. Like, even at five years old. Runs in my family. I've tried a lot of different stuff (except for bleaches and surgery), and none of it works. I use a gentle eye moisturizer (because dry skin makes the circles look worse) and yellow concealer.

Is this a new development for you, or have you always had them? Sometimes dark under eye circles are a sign of allergies.


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The skin under your eyes is thin.  It is possible what you are seeing is actually blood vessels believe it or not.


Are you sure you don't have what is known as "allergic shiners"?  If you have hayfever or environmental allergies, these are probably allergic shiners, especially if they tend to come and go a bit.


After looking closely, they are more like bags!  Cr*p!
I do have allergies and I do not usually get more than 4 hours sleep a night. 
Thanks everyone!

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