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The 90 Second Fitness Solution

I just got this book - does anyone else have it?

I don't care for most of his diet advice, but his exercise approach is really interesting!

I was just curious if anyone else had this book & had gotten good results from the routine. I just started it today.

I don't have the book but I'm familiar with the program.  It's all isometrics, from what I can tell.  It's just not well-rounded.  It might suffice for people who don't often work out and who aren't aiming for drastic changes in their body composition/weight, but I don't think it comprises a full workout.  There's no cardiovascular component, and more than isometrics are needed to build muscle.  You need to work muscle fibers through a full range of motion, not one static position.

Whether it will give results depends on what your goals are, really.  I don't think there is enough calorie-burning power there to burn that much fat.  I would probably sprinkle some of the moves into a more comprehensive fitness regime.  It's better than nothing, but it doesn't even fulfill the 30 daily recommended exercise minutes, and I feel the author is being a little deceptive and suggesting this is some kind of magical shortcut.

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