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You know what really grinds my gears.......

Ok so maybe I'm just a weirdo, but there's silly little things that really bug me for no apparent reason - what about the rest of you?  Is there any little thing that really annoys you, but probably shouldn't that much?

Ok I'll start:

I hate it when peolpe jiggle their legs up and down when they're sitting down.  Some people will do this continually and I HATE IT.  There's no logic to my annoyance but it really bugs me.

It also bugs me when women put their make up on on public transport - just wake up earlier if you want to wear it - and don't give people dirty looks when they stare at you.

(forgive me if you've seen me complain on facebook all night about this already, this is the uncensored version).
I fucking hate stupid ass drivers who don't pay the fuck attention to what they're doing and don't give a shit if they slam into some one who is trying to leave work driving about 5 OR 10 MILES A FUCKING HOUR in a parking lot because they're too busy driving the wrong way and deciding since they don't have a stop sign (because they're going the wrong way...) that they can slam into my fucking car and not give a shit of if I'm okay or the fact that I'm fucked and no longer have a car.
Seriously this lady t-boned my passenger side, my car frame is bent up and so is my axle so I get to scrap my car, and I'm sitting in my car screaming and crying because I slammed my fucking head on my steering wheel and this lady had to be driving way fast for a parking lot because I didn't even see her, and it was my work parking lot so I drive that parking lot ALL the time and am totally used to people almost hitting me there.
So she doesn't get the fuck out of her car to see if I'm okay, she just goes and moves her car and tells me to get my insurance. And then, with the front of her fucking car smashed in, LEAVES HER FUCKING CAR RUNNING FOR THE AC WHILE SHE TALKS ON THE PHONE FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS AND KEEPS SAYING SHE CAN'T FIND HER INSURANCE.
Like seriously. ugh.
Her car wasn't horrible, mostly just her bumper and she was leaking radiator fluid like crazy, but people RAN out of the fucking restaurant next to where she slammed into me to see how she was and totally ignored me.
Ignored me while I was stumbling around the fucking ground crying and picking up pieces of my car alone in the parking lot yelling at people to go around me.
These two guys who didn't suck stayed as a witness and made sure I was okay but fucking hell, so many people went to check on her and didn't even look at me.

Then, she proceeds to tell the cops that I "blew through a stop sign and sped up in front of her" Holy shit. God damn asshole. I stopped at the stop sign because I'm used to people running it and I'm not a shitty driver AND I was taking my steering wheel cover off of my wheel because it cracked and kept falling off. Then slowly proceeded.
She didn't say anything else to me at all except where is your insurance, and I Started screaming at her about how I'm already broke and now I don't have a car and my family is out of town and I don't know what to do and she was like I'M IN THE SAME BOAT OKAY.
No, you were driving like an asshole and ruined my car because you don't know how to drive. not the same boat.
At least she got a ticket and I should be getting a check to put towards a new car but fuck.
I just started classes again which are 8am and today is Sunday and I can't get a hold of anyone to try to get a free rental car out of this so I can get to work/school.

(Also, I'm fine, I just have a huge bump on my head and a handful of bruises, so at least that's good).


I didn't try to double post that... I can't delete it so. I guess you can read it twice if you want.



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