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Teach me again!

I would like to make the Ultimate Vegetarian Chilli from this site in my slow cooker (it's the biggest pot I have). Does anyone know how to equate stove-top time with slow cooker time and temperature?

I don't know exact time equations but when I make chili or something like that I let it go for a couple of hours on high and then turn it down to low for a few more hours. I hope this helps. Also chili is one of those things that really does taste better the second day. If your recipe has rice in it put that in the last hour of cooking time as it can get a bit mushy if it cooks a long time.


My Crock Pot booklet just happened to be sitting on my desk in front of me (weird-I haven't seen it since I got the thing). says conversion goes like this:

If Recipe says Cook on low setting for  Cook on high setting for

15-30 min            4-6 hours                     1 1/2 -2 hrs

35-45 min            6-10 hours                    3-4 hrs

50 min-3 hrs         8-18 hours                   4-6 hrs


Excellent, thanks!

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