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Success Story!

i kinda have a happy little story.  My dad asked me if I had any books I could loan him on a recent TDY trip, so I lent him Diet For a New America (the best book ever, but then again I still haven't read The Food Revolution), and he's decided to go ovo-lacto!! I've never been so excited!

My mom also decided one day while she and I were running together that she would stop eating so much meat because she saw how being vegan is affecting my energy levels and overall health!!!

I'm -totally- on cloud nine!!!!

any other success stories? i know i saw a thread about a week ago about something.. but i really just wanted to share this VERY heavily punctuated story!


That is so AWESOME to hear. I have not had any success in converting anyone. I've probably made a few people more aware of a vegan diet, and a few that cut down or cut a few things out of their diet, but nothing like you accomplished. That is so great to hear! Good for you....the daughter teaching the parents....that is so great! :)


yes, i pretty much love my parents right now but my mom has one problem. She said that all her life, she has only learned how to prepare animal products, and it would be easier for her if she knew about other things. What should i tell her??

Oh, yea, she also said that she doesn't want to eat beans every day and fart like me and my dad.. hahahaha..  ::)


Hey Rachel,
Is that your Mom with you in your new pic? She looks like she could be your sister! Did she have you when she was10?!  :D (BTW....I meant that as a compliment).

How was NYC?....I will always miss my hometown, I just can never live there again because of all my animals (my furry family)....though it will still always be my "true" home no matter where I live. Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker, for better or worse......

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