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Nothing good to eat in Del Rio yesterday

I had a doctor's appointment in Del Rio yesterday.  It was scheduled for 1:15 so I though I'd eat at the Thai restaurant that I posted a review of in the Restaurants section here.  It was closed and had that orange plastic fencing all around it like they put up for remodeling.  I hope it's just a remodel and they didn't have a fire!  Anyway, I next stopped at a Mexican restaurant, hoping they didn't cook their beans with lard.  No luck, they do.  I was running out of time, so I went to Subway.  I told them I wanted a Veggie Delite but next thing I know they're putting some kind of cold cut on my sandwich.  Of course, I told them I'm a vegetarian and didn't want it.  They plopped it back in the tray and left the swiss cheese (I needed something on there besides their pathetic assortment of veggies), which was now contaminated by the liquid from the dead flesh but I didn't say anything.  I figured it wasn't worth making a big issue of.  Would you have said anything?  I need to get braver!  Better yet, when I go back to Del Rio, I'll pack my own lunch!  It just makes me what to move away from here all the more!  Anybody know anything about Lytle?  ;D

Sorry about the experience.  Unfortunately I'm not very brave either, so I'm not sure what I would have done.  Why do so many Mexican places ruin their beans with lard!  :'(  Beans are so good for people but then they have to go do something like that...


I would have totally refused the sandwhich and left that Subway.  Personally, I don't eat at any fast food restaurants because they just freak me out (Fast Food Nation, good book.), and I know they are not healthy. Next time you're in a rush and can't find something good to eat, I'd just go to a grocery store and grab some stuff that you like.  Dried/Fresh fruit, nuts, maybe some cheese and crackers, or at least just enough to fill you until you can get to a decent restaurant or back to your own kitchen.

I hate that some Mexican Restaurants put lard in their beans. I always have to call up the restaurant before we go out to dinner and ask "Do you put lard in your beans?" "Is your rice cooked with water or chicken broth/boulion?" urrrrgg. I just want me a goooood enchillada!!  ;D ;D ;D


I thought about going to the H-E-B and grabbing something but I didn't have a lot of time to wander around trying to make a decision!  I need to be able to make quick decisions better.  I was so looking forward to eating at that Thai restaurant!  :'(  Packing my lunch from now on is the best solution.  I'm going to try to make a "special" sandwich for lunch.  I have to go back Friday.  I've got two nodules in my thyroid that are large enough to be concerned about and the dr. is going to do a needle aspiration of them.  She only does those on Fridays.  I have a feeling that I'll be going back at least one more time this month after Friday.  To find out the results of the aspiration.  If everything turns out negative I won't be back there until May when I have a follow up with the cardiologist.  I hate needing so much medical care! 


oh my goodness i love subway!!

not only did i email them long ago about which sandwhiches are vegan, but they replied instantly and gave me some suggestions.  when i order from them i ALWAYS ask them to change their gloves before preparing my sandwhich.  they look at me like i am crazy but hey i dont care.  i tell them i am vegan afterwhich they ask me 'whats that?'  i tell them and then no matter how they may feel they make the sandwhich the way i requested.  sure a couple of times employers have smirked or reluctantly changed their gloves, but they are always compliant.  i also ask them not to cut the sandwhich because the knife has been contaminated with meat.  i think its kinda funny because in my neighborhood i am more than likely the only vegan they have ever met.

just be direct- simple and get what you want.  let them know beforehand what they are NOT to put on your sandwhich.  if they give you a huge attitude, write the company.  they are a chain and word travels fast.  dont take any crap!

good luck,



OMG, I didn't even think about the gloves or cross contamination from the knife used to cut the bread in half.  I think the best thing is for me just to pack my lunch in the future. 


I also eat at Subway fairly frequently. I realize that there are ample opportunities for "cross-contamination," but at least if it occurs, it's directly in front of your face rather than concealed in a closed-kitchen. I'm personally not that bothered by the knife/gloves situation; I've never found any noticeable trace of flesh or dairy on my food as a result of them cutting it with a bread knife, and I feel like Subway is one of the few "normal" and nonthreatening places that I can eat with my friends. Everyonce in a while, I like NOT being the "Hey, we're all going out to eat-- and oh... we're bringing the vegan with us... where can she go???" downer. Sorry your experience there was negative; the ones I've visited have always been quite compliant. I even got a "Ohh, vegan, eh?" from a sandwich-maker once. :P I'd email the company, and let them know the one in Del Rio is not up to par.

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