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my poor little man. sry if tmi.

around 9:30 last nite he almost puked on me but im glad i was in the bed with him and not in the living room b/c he choked a little on it. he puked again around 10. he drank a little sprite and hasnt puked since then. he is running a fever. this is his first time doing this. im also glad my mom was here b/c she made it easier for me to clean the bed and floor up (2nd time he puked he got it on the floor). she got a pair of pjs on him and a new diaper on him after i gave him a bath the first time and then held him until i got the bed sorted out. i think it might have been cause i might not have washed the straw part of his sippy cup good enogh. i guess im going to have to just soak those parts over night in soapy water. im going to try and get some sleep in a few mins (going to finish checking my mail). nite all.

Hope your little guy feels better soon.


it's apparent you're a parent when...

When you're young and a little kid pukes its like ewwwwwwwwwww, get me outa here... it's apparent you're a parent when a kid pukes and you've got the kid under one arm and your hand under their mouth running to the bathroom trying to keep from soiling the rug!!

Don't worry too much about the sippy cup straw... kids WILL get sick no matter how dilegent we are at cleaning. 

One trick, put a towel or two under him in his crib, if he has a sick-up you'll just have to change the towels instead of all the sheets.

Lots of liquid, lots of extra rest, an extra video or two and he'll be well again soon.



I hope the little guy is feeling better. You might want to try a little ginger tea not made too strong, this is really good for soothing an upset stomach.  I remember you saying that you like peppermint tea, this is also good. Just make sure that you use one that does not have caffeine in it.


he still has a fever and hasnt puked since. hes not drinking soy milk yet (will slowly transition him to it once we move). for the past hr hes been driving me a little crazy, hes acting like he wants something to eat but everytime we give him a cracker he either puts it to his mouth and spits it out or just puts the cracker on the table uneaten. other than the fever right now hes fine.

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