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More snow . . .

Today's snow storm should break the record amount of snowfall in Colorado for the month of December. I could swear I heard a weatherman say that the snow we've gotten the past few weeks has made up for the 10 year drought. Could that be possible. ?????

Anyway, it's like a blizzard outside. I have a pot of vegan chili on the stove & ingredients in the fridge for potato soup & more vegan pizza. It's going to be a tasty New Years!

BTW, a bit off topic, but after last weeks storm -- 3 feet at my house, drifts 5 feet -- many of the grocery stores were wiped out. I was at a Safeway store on Christmas Eve & there was not a stalk of celery or a carrot to be found. The shelves were low or empty. Many of the gas stations were out of gas. This was after 4 days.  :o

It was a reminder of just how fragile our 'just in time' inventory system is! Can you imagine if something really catastrophic happened & we were without trucks for 2 weeks? A month? Two?  :-\

I am very jealous!

Where I live we rarely get snow--only often enough and a little enough to keep hope alive.  Hope that regularly is dashed by the weatherman with a "whew, dodged that bullet!" when the previously forecasted storm never materializes.  It can be very frustrating to a snow lover.

For the past several days, we've had low 60's and sunshine.  The week b4 Christmas it was in the mid-70's!  But I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder--I'm sure many are envying my weather!

As you snuggle into the couch with your cup of cocoa, remember it isn't all that bad.  Many of us back here would love to be in your shoes!


I am really not interested in persuing this topic too far, but what you said reminds me of my mom who has been pressing me to be more prepared for all sorts of things (snowstorms or whatever).  I certainly don't intend any insult or otherwise, but while I completely understand the concept of "when the going gets tough, the calvary ain't coming,"  I do wonder if there is any way to prepare for what really comes.  It seems that everytime mom gets "ready," something different than what was prepared for happens.  She accuses me of my "Pollyanna attitude" with "my head in the sand."  OK, I'll take that.  You are right, there isn't enough for all of us.  I hope and pray that there is never a reason for me to see otherwise.
I am blissfully content with my head in the sand.


I compiled an extensive emergency kit list after Katrina & have yet to gather one thing on it.  ???

If things go really bad, at some point being "prepared" will simply put off the inevitable. What really is needed is for people to re-establish their local communities, where people pitch in & work together for the common good, instead of the "I've got mine now screw you" attitude that seems to prevail in today's society.


I agree with you there, Lezly. I had family right in the middle of Katrina - lost their brand new house. However, their neighborhood/community came back really quickly. Why? There was a "we're all in this together" attitude, rather than "mine mine mine mine mine!"

Compassion for others? What's that?  :-\

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