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linking to your cooking videos at and

FYI, we've added two new buttons for use in posting recipe reviews and Q&A posts that contain links to videos. They are located right above the smiley faces on the posting pages. By using either the google or you tube button to link to your video stored on or, your video will be embedded within your post. You use it like this:

<br />Google:<br /><br />-or-<br /><br /><br />You Tube:<br /><br />-or-<br /><br />

Here they are in action:

From time to time, we'll feature a video on the VegWeb home page. Additionally, if you would like to submit a how-to video on how to prep vegetables, decorate a cake, etc, just use the regular recipe submit form and add the URL to your video in the directions. If there is enough interest, we'll make a separate area for submitting how-to videos.


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