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Lady Dragonfly Read This

I read your post below in the VWAV thread about the yen for creamy foods and I wanted to pass this along.

This weekend I made a potato soup from the PDQ vegetarian cookbook by Donna Klein (the Mediterrenean Vegan author).  Anyway, she has two recipes for potato soup--a baked potato soup and a potato, broccoli and corn chowder. Except for the fact that the chowder uses sliced canned potatoes, the recipes were similar and I made the chowder using leftover baked potatoes.

The technique in the recipe was something of a revelation.  To get a thick, white creamy soup, she used a cup or two of vegetable broth, and then added cream cheese (or soy cream cheese) and then milk or rice milk.  I made a vegan version with tofutti cream cheese and soymilk and it was extremely creamy. It made me realize how I've never used soy cream cheese in my cooking before, and I started to think perhaps she was on to something . . .

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