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I read your post below in the VWAV thread about the yen for creamy foods and I wanted to pass this along.

This weekend I made a potato soup from the PDQ vegetarian cookbook by Donna Klein (the Mediterrenean Vegan author).  Anyway, she has two recipes for potato soup--a baked potato soup and a potato, broccoli and corn chowder. Except for the fact that the chowder uses sliced canned potatoes, the recipes were similar and I made the chowder using leftover baked potatoes.

The technique in the recipe was something of a revelation.  To get a thick, white creamy soup, she used a cup or two of vegetable broth, and then added cream cheese (or soy cream cheese) and then milk or rice milk.  I made a vegan version with tofutti cream cheese and soymilk and it was extremely creamy. It made me realize how I've never used soy cream cheese in my cooking before, and I started to think perhaps she was on to something . . .

I always add a generous dallop of Vegenaise to my cream soups. Mostly cuz I ALWAYS have Vegenaise on hand & not always vegan cream cheese, but I will try cream cheese sometime. It sounds good.


Oh thank you, JKL!  A baked potato soup sounds out of this world.

I found a recipe on here for a hashbrown casserole thing and I want to try that next time it is my turn to cook.  I made a spinach souffle this weekend for last night and oh my, it is just like I remember Stouffer's tasting in my youth.  I am sneaking in as many leavy dark greens as I can because I HATE iron pills and I'd like to stop being anemic ASAP.  It hit two spots with one stone (we won't say bird, we don't kill birds, we keep them as house pets).


i always put cream cheese in my mashed potatoes and it's delicious! i was out of sour cream one day (back when i was still ovo-lacto), so i added a hefty amount of cream cheese and it's just wonderful. i always use fake cream cheese instead of sour cream. it's yumtastic

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