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Help quick!

Hiya all.

My hubbie's karate school is having a "pot luck" thing for Chinese New Year tomorrow (sunday). The last time I went to one of these things, it sucked (for me). It wasn't veggie friendly at all. I had Mac and cheese (I was still lacto-ovo then).

I need a recipe that's not fried (I hate fried food), that's Chinese, and Vegan friendly ... oh and that meat eaters would like. Please help.

Well, you could always make the incredible General Tso's Tofu!  Just make it with fake chicken strips instead of tofu - bean curds, tofu, or anything really white like that is considered bad luck on the new year.

You could also make Dragonfly's Fried Rice? I'm not really sure what kind of dish you're looking for... my vote's for the General Tso's "Chicken," though!


What about steamed veggie dumplings???  (You could make the dough green with spinach, if it's unlucky to eat white things.  You could also try making sauteed broccoli and garlic sauce with a side of brown rice.  I seem to remember there being a really good garlic sauce recipe on these website.  You could use that sauce with any veggies you want, if you want something other than broccoli.
There are tons of yummy-looking recipes in the chinese section on this site...look and see if anything will work.
Good luck & have fun!


White is bad luck for Chinese new year? I didn't know that. Ok, I'll keep that in mind for tonight.

That garlic sauce sounds really good. I'm off to the recipe section to look for it.

Thanks all.


In many parts of Asia white is the colour of sadness and mourning--that could be it.


veggie egg rolls! I make them all the time..I usually use cabbage, tofu, carrots, mushrooms..sometimes Ill even add some rice noodles to the mix.  You can buy egg roll wraps anywhere (super walmarts even sell them).

I bake my eggrolls, takes less time (and less greasy!)... I stir fry the ingredients, roll up the eggrolls put them on a sprayed cookie sheet (and then I spray the rolls) bake them for about 30 mins at 350 (or until crisp).


Wow! that sounds yummy. We do a Thai version of them. We use spring roll wrappers and stuff them with veggies. No oven needed. I should have thought of that yesterday .....

I did a dish of steamed Bok choy with a chinese style dressing dumped on it. I'll have to post the recipe later. It turned out really good (I ate most of it LOL).

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