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HELP please!

Hey all fellow non meat eaters.
I've been vegetarian for 4 years and vegan for one but my boyfriend isn't.
This weekend he's coming up from university to visit and we're going to have a romantic dinner but I want to be able to cook someone amazing AND guilt free.

Quick note, I live in a small town, no vegan cheese, cream or what not. We do have tofu, veg burgers, veg dogs and veg ground 'beef' but that it.

... but I want to be able to cook someone amazing AND guilt free...

I hope you're not looking for volunteers!  ;)  Just teasing.

Moving on...

I think that Spanish, Italian, and French are the most romantic foods on earth.  Chocolate is a no-fail dessert option (either gourmet truffles - can order online from vegan essentials and other places - or a chocolate pie - somewhere I posted the recipe from the Millennium Cookbook for Chocolate Almond Midnight on the recipe QA).  As for specific food suggestions - how about paella, eggplant roulettes (stuffed w/ seasoned tofu), or a nice cassoulet?  I made a yummy cassoulet last week, but I cannot remember what in the world I put in it! ::)  Serve the main dish with a nice salad and homemade (or store bought) bread.  If you happen to have any frozen berries, toss them in with the chocolate for dessert.  Otherwise, serve dessert with espresso or coffee. 


I love the veggie stew with dumplings from this site and it's easy to make. I also like the carrot cake and the pineapple upside down cake.


I think italian would be the way to go - veggie risotto, etc.  nice, warm crusty bread, salad, maybe a vegan cheesecake for dessert.  Or a chocolate fodue that you could dip fresh fruit into - this would also encourage feeding each other!  ;)


It's hard to beat pasta with a good, rich sauce. Easy and quick to make and there are loads of good recipes on this site. Add a salad, some garlic bread (oh, romantic...well maybe not) and a chocolaty dessert. Can't go wrong!


Pesto bread is tasty, and you could go garlicless or very light on the garlic.  How can you go wrong with olive oil and basil?  8)


I love love love chocolate fondu.  If you've never made it, use a double broiler to melt some cheap chocolate chips, add a little vegan margarine, maybe a little soy milk, and you're good to go.  I suggest dipping the chocolate covered fruit in some toasted flaked almonds or hazlenuts, or both!  It's so simple yet so decadent.


You can make hamburger helper with morningstar crumbles. It's not vegan and it's not romantic, but at least he'll know you can cook like mom!


If you and he both like artichokes, they're huge fun to eat, and very sensuous and tactile.  If you take the time to trim off the spiky tips with scissors before you cook them, they're even less threatening-- and they're great with Italian food.  Give them their own bowl so they don't release cooking water into the other dishes, have a big bowl on hand for discarded leaves (you scrape off just the edible part with your teeth), and try them with a spicy dipping sauce, such as lime juice, sliced hot chilies, salt, and water (I think 2/3 lime to 1/3 water and other things to taste). 

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