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Fired-Up Fridays VII

This is our SEVENTH Fired-Up Friday ! So, it should be our best one yet!

We have:

    complaints to charitable organizations concerning their wasteful "tokens of appreciation"

and. .

    requests for healthy lunches in our schools that actually contain food.

Let's get fired-up!

*Remember to never underestimate the power of fired-up vegans in large numbers*

I'll be writing to charities tomorrow.  Thanks for the reminder!


Was there a specific list of organizations that were the most offending...?


I have one for next week... its not necessarily a veg*n fire-up, but it does concern animals.

How about contacting our auto mechanics to ask if they use or offer wildlife friendly antifreeze.  I know lots of animals die every year by accidentally ingesting coolants containing ethylene glycol (most baby wipes and things like swiffers contain ethylene glycol too ???) which tastes sweet. Wildlife-friendly antifreeze contains propylene glycol which is not sweet.  (Now I think there are some limitations on this type of coolant; It may not be suitable for subzero climates for instance)  But it seems like a fairly simple request?



Ashley Kimball,

I wrote to the Human Society at
the World Wildlife Fund at
using 7's lovely letter...

To Whom It May Concern,

    I am grateful for the work of this organization and believe that a financial contribution to it is a worthy means for me to make a difference in our world. I do, however, have a concern about making that contribution. My desire is for these funds to be used for making that difference. I am concerned that much of the money donated is used to create or purchase rewards for donors. Additionally, many of these gifts or small tokens of appreciation are really contributing to further environmental damage. For me, and other like-minded potential supporters of your work, would you consider giving the option to refuse these gifts? When I fill out my donation form, I'd love to see an opt-out box, or even a spot on the form where someone would have to request the gift. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Thanks, MDVEGAN!  You helped me do my Fired-up Friday and be lazy at the same time.  (I borrowed liberally from your letter.)

Anybody else FIRED UP???


Great letter!  In total agreement here.  Lots of times, I don't even want the gift you get for donating.  An opt out option is a great idea! More money for the cause and less stuff filling up my closets!


Thanks  :)

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