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donating fur coats

a while back there was a thread posted about previously owned clothing that belonged to an animal.....
and the good that could be done with them once the owner came to their senses...
fur coats...etc...
it was mentioned about places that collected fur coats or fur lined coats to be used to comfort abandoned animal/harmed animals....
what it the information on these/this organization(s) again?

Hey Carmenmichelle,
It was me that posted that. I mentioned that I was given a piece of furniture years ago that contained my Grandmother's fur coat. I had it for years and did not know what to do with it. I donated it to an Animal Sanctuary a few years ago. The whole thing is set up by the HSUS. They use fur coats as bedding for orphaned baby er animals (is that what you would call them?)...and orphaned wildlife.

Well it's called Coat's For Cubs...
Here's the link:

Somebody else posted and mentioned that PETA collects Fur Coats as well to give out to the Homeless. :)

Hope this helps!


indeed it helps!
i thought it was you that posted about the HSUS animall sanctuary...

i'm in the process of "thoreau-ificating" my life...
i feel as if this is the best first step to take!


previously owned clothing that belonged to an animal.....

That is one of the best lines I've read anywhere in a long time!  ;D
Glad to be of assistance...


This is a great thread!  Another thing you can do is find out if there is a wildlife rehabilitator in your area and donate it directly to them.

I (hangs head in shame) owned fur before I pulled my head out of my ass, and about ten years ago I took my old fur coats and sat in the middle of my living room floor and cut them into squares and put them inside the shelters I had made for a colony of feral cats that I was caring for.  I will never forget the exhilaration of sitting there, the fur flying, knowing I was in some way cutting out some really ugly and ignorant parts of my past and giving this fur back to the animals in the only way I could.  It was one of the best moments of my life. 


This is such a great topic (again)!  ;D  Even when I was an omni, I could never understand fur coats!  I do own things that are leather or have leather in them, but I just can't seem to phase them out of my life right now.  ???  Maybe someday.  I think any effort from anyone is truely inspiring though.  Kudos to Carmen, Dave and Shiraz!


I never owned fur but my mother owned a mink stole.  She then died and it was sitting in the bottom of a drawer until I donated it to the local wildlife rehabilitator--along with a baby bird I'd found.

Also, whenever you're taking a baby animal to the wildlife rehabilitator, give them a check!!!  It eliminates guilt and they REALLY appreciate it.  I've talked to several and suprisingly, most people DON'T make a donation when they drop of an orphaned animal.  Plus, it's tax deductible!

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