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so next week i'm visiting NYC and i'm going to this gourmet vegan restuarant Blossom NYC. I was wondering if anyone had eaten there. Tell me what's good!

I looked up the menu online and everything sounds delicious so I need some guidance!!

Hey Rach,
You are going to love Blossom!? Of course it's not as good as the 4 star vegan restaurants in middle Gawga, but I guess while in NYC you'll have to settle place ::)!

Last time I went there (actually just a few months ago) I got the Seitan Satay skewers for an appetizer. I felt like just ordering a few portions of those for my entree b/c they were that good! Not that you want to have seitan followed by seitan again, but I love the seitan steak they have...there are a few...I think it's the one with the roasted potatoes. If not that they have a Phillo (sp?) crust entree (like a pot pie). That is making me hungry right now thinking of it! I don't think anything on the menu is a miss. I have only been there a few times, but when I finally discovered it, I have made it a stop everytime I'm in NYC (plus one of my best friends lives in a loft around the corner on 22nd st.) He is definitely not a vegetarian, and since I introduced him to the place, he told me does go there a lot (about once a week....that makes me jealous).
Enjoy it, and let us know what you get so we here can drool over it!

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