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Another getting to know you ?

Perhaps this question has been asked before but, What do you all do for a living? Do you like your job?  If you won the lottery, would you go to work tomorrow?  What does your spouse or S.O. do?

If you're in highschool, what grade? What is your favourite class? What are you going to be when you "grow up?"

If you're in college, what is your major? What are you going to be when you "grow up?"

I'll go first...

I'm a full time mom to two 2-1/2 boys... Usually it's a lot of fun to be with the boys.. but sometimes I go a bit batty if we can't get out because of bad weather or nasty colds.  You can only say "no" so many times before you need a break, hence my part time job...

I'm a part time (3 days per week) draftsperson.  Mostly civil construction (I don't draw the building, I just draw where the building goes).  I won't get rich doing this job, but it allows me a bit of a mental break.  I like my coworkers and the company I work for is really flexible and fair.  It's really cool when the project I help draft gets built.  If I win the lottery today, I would go to work tomorrow... It would be nice to go to work because I want to not because I have to (pesky mortgage!!)

My hubby is a mechanic and is just opening his own shop... It's what he's always wanted... but I'm a bit scared by the whole "maybe I'll get a paycheck today" scenario...

You next...

By trade I'm a translator, but since that is most definitely a "who you know" post here, I am unemployed and tutor English Literature whenever someone needs some help with things like Beowulf, or indeed Moby Dick...Yes I know that's US Literature, but *in* English! ;D (You know you're poor when an illegal alien cleaner asks how much you charge for classes, you tell her and she looks at you all concerned and says, "That's not very much!")  :DI tried to raise my prices just a tad this yr and got no takers, so I'm back to the low prices...but at least I have students.
I love translating, when I can, but it is true that you can't do it forever. I prefer written translation as my brain isn't as fast as a broadband connection these days...the tutoring is fun, at the college level. Trouble is, students come and go, sometimes without a word.
EDIT (well if Idioglossa can do it, I can!LOL) If I won the lottery I would invest some of it to ensure some income, and then move house to a quieter, cooler place. And see France, which has been a life-long dream. And look after my sweetie who has spent 25 yrs looking after me.


I work at the YMCA, both membership services and the climbing wall. I really like both my jobs, but if I won the lottery I'd probably sit on my butt for a couple of years. ;) That's only because it's a part-time, though.

I'm in between college and high school. I graduated highschool at age 15, so I've been kind of stuck for a while. I'm finally matriculating this fall. My planned major is pharmacy, because I love the salary and don't really hate the job. If I won the lottery, though, and money wasn't an issue, I'd prefer to be a computer science major. For some reason network administration/troubleshooting has always been -really- fun to me.

Oh, and I'm quite happily single - no S.O. for me. For some reason I just don't see the attraction of a relationship, especially since I'll be leaving this state (country?) in about six months.


I'm a secretary for the Institutional Research & Effectiveness Dept. of a small university.  Actually, its a spin-off of a larger university that's a few hundred miles from here.  I work full time and I like my job. It's a lot of data entry and statistical analysis instead of being traditional secretarial work.  But if I won the lottery, provided it was at least $1 million, I'd open a bookstore.  Mostly used books and a section of local authors (new books).  My WH and I plan to do that anyway when he retires and then when I retire, I'll join him working there.  God didn't bless me with any children.  He's a Math teacher, Jr. High and High School level.


I am a web developer for a very large telecom company.  I'm not really fond of my job!  I don't like troubleshooting and working in front of a computer all day. If I won the lottery, I would quit and travel.  Then my DH and I would build a house that sat on a lot of land and I'd open my own dog rescue.  My husband works at an Air Force base in a helpdesk.  He basically watches the servers and makes sure they are up and running ok.  It's a 24/7 group so his schedule is pretty crazy, he's on night shift right now.  I'm 25 and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!  I went with MIS major (Management Information Systems) because at the time, I thought a good paying job would be all I needed to make me happy.  How wrong I was!  I don't like working in technology, so now I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. 


I'm a 3rd year university student, finishing up my major in Philosophy and minor in English literature.  I'm also currently in the process of completing science prerequisites for entry into a Doctor of Naturopathy program, which I should start Fall 2008 (my wish is to go to Bastyr University in Seattle, but for financial reasons it looks like I'll be heading to the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto instead).  I'm studying for Level Two of Yoga Teacher Training and take classes (practice and lecture) about 7 hours per week.  I work part-time at an adventure gear/outdoor apparel shop, and seasonally (May-August)  full-time as an Interpreter at Terra Nova National Park here in Newfoundland.  Although I'm loving the undergrad experience and seasonal work (and the awesome discount I get on gear from my current part-time job), I'm anxious to start my ND.  When I 'grow up' I want to have my own practice and research part-time (night classes in music would be nice on the side).  Eventually I'd love to create a self-sustainable community in Pouch Cove (pronounced 'pooch'), Newfoundland, that functions as an healing oasis.  There would be recovery programs in place, live-in and drop-in 'patients', residency programs, workshops and classes (and a vegan restaurant/cafeteria too... any chefs/bakers want in?).  Most bases would be covered as far as healing techniques and practices go--conventional, alternative, spiritual, complementary, etc. health services being available.  It would be village/ashram style with buildings 2-3 stories at most, however single level would be the norm.  All buildings would be built out of eco-friendly materials and there would be huge gardens full of organic produce and herbs for the dispensary and restaurant (not to mention an artesian well or two).  In my much later years I plan to return to university to study philosophy again, and work towards an MA and Ph.D.  Phew.  I'm just a tad ambitious. (:

My wonderful boyfriend is currently in the last term of his MA in Philosophy (we met at a conference--the conference after-party, that is).  His thesis focuses on technology and society.  We've been together just about 1.5 years now.  He's not sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but I imagine he'll be a university professor of Philosophy.  He's pretty big into environmental issues lately, however.. so who knows.

-edit-  jeez, to think that I could make this thing any longer...  If I won the lottery, I would pay off my debts (student loans, mortgage, my parents' mortgage), fund the rest of my education (all $80, 000+ of it), donate a bunch to charity (ideally I would pay for my own flight to a third world country after my ND, and offer my help to the people there, donating money where it was most needed--unfortunately it's sometimes difficult to know where your money is going once you've donated it to charity), give to friends and family... and if there was enough left over after that, set up a high interest savings account for the aforementioned village.  I probably wouldn't go back to work in the summers, instead I'd go study yoga and ayurveda in an ashram in India... work on some foreign languages, and travel, travel, travel... by foot, bike, kayak, snowshoe, the occasional airplane and greasecar.


I'm a Grade 1 teacher. Although it is a stresssful job at times, I really like it. I love teaching the children to read and get excited when they start to read. It would depend how much I won if I won the lottery. If I won an amount like $250,000, I would pay off my bills and my mortgage, give some money to family members and keep on working. If I won a big amount, I would probably work until the end of the school year and retire, because I'm about 5 years away from retirement.


I am "first chair" tuba player for the "Dahlonega Georgia Hillbilly Moonshine Kazoo & Jug Orchestra".
I also play on the road with "The International Silver String Submarine Band". (for you Little Rascals Fans)! Sorry....I'm being an idiot as usual...the clock on the wall says it's 10:31pm and my laptop says it's 5:31pm.... my body though,  is stuck somewhere in between at the moment.

Seriously, I play drums. It is all I have ever done, if you don't include working summers at Jones Beach (Long Island NY) when I was in High School. I tour and have toured, with many artists over the years. I'm the guy behind the guy (or gal) that nobody pays attention to. But I do make the music move forward...that's what we drummers do. There are so many of of "unknown" session players out here. I guess the only ones that do know us are the others hoping to become session players (like I did as a kid). But we are here....we are on every commercial you here, in the background of every TV show or movie, or even the little clips you hear on the news. Most never think about it....but someone is playing that music...sometimes it's me. or sometimes you get tickets to go see your favorite solo artist, and I'm the bald guy on stage playing the drums....yeah...that's me! I have taught in the past, mostly when I was still in college. I'd like to again somewhere down the road. In between tours, I play locally around the Atlanta area for fun sometimes. I also endorse a drum and cymbal company and do drum clinics for them, mostly for music stores and for college music departments. I will never complain, I know how lucky i am by getting to do what I always wanted to do. But trust me, I worked so hard, so very very hard to get here. I put in more hours and more blood, sweat, and tears to get here then most medical students do (ask my brother). I have wanted to do this since I was about 7 years old. I never even thought about doing anything else. i would do it for free. i would gladly do what I do and live in a cardboard box....I really mean it. Touring is tough. it's mostly travel travel travel, and very little regular sleep. Sometimes you travel 16 hours just to get on stage for and hour and a half. But every minute on stage makes up for it. So that's me. Oh yeah...besides that.....I save dogs...lot's and lots of dogs....i don't want to have to save them...but somebody it might as well be me..........


Idioglossia, that's... heaven on earth.  :o

Dave, you're too funny. And believe it or not, I usually listen to the -drums- when I'm listening to a song, not the lead guitar. I'm amazed at what some people can do. That's why I like Cradle of Filth, even though I'm not really into screamo-esque bands - Adrian is amazing.


dave, i love listening to good drummers play. there's a band that just recently broke up with the most incredible drummer i've heard in YEARS. the band itself was outstanding, one of my favorites of the past ten years. sad that they only ever put out a split 10" and one LP, but i'm glad to have seen them before they broke up.

at any rate, i manage two small drive thru restaurants here in my area. they are not veg-friendly at all and sometimes i question myself for working there, but my boss is a great person who takes care of me and we plan to do many, many things together. he mentioned eventually wanting to sell the restuarants and move on to open something else. when i expressed interest in still working with him, he was stoked. we plan on doing something together in the upcoming years, possibly moving to another area and pursuing something completely different. i'm not happy to be working in the environment i do, but i keep it in the back of my mind that i won't be doing it forever and it helps a lot.

if i won the lottery, i would go into work tomorrow. you can never have too much monetary security, and i would be bored stiff if i lived a life without work (not to mention all the weight i'd gain from spending my days cooking!)


OK....I'm currently an MK in United States Coast Guard.  What does that mean??  MK=Machinery Technician; basically I am a mechanic for large diesel boats and much auxiliary equipment.  Otherwise know as a "grease monkey".  I liked my job before I transferred.  Now I am in s*!t hole position, working with a bunch of egotistical chauvinistic a$$holes!  (And I just found out instead of transferring this summer, they are forcing me to stay at my current job!).  >:(  Because of this I am in the process of lateraling rates (changing jobs), but it needs approval all the way to headquarters (D.C.).  Hopefully, in a couple of months I will be out of the situation I am currently in.  My husband is transferring this summer and it looks like he will be staying in the Miami area as well.  So, at least we can be together.  I just hope after I change jobs they don't try to send me somewhere far away.  The pitfalls of the government owning you.  :( 

You probably guessed it, but my husband is also in the USCG and is also an MK.  He is SO awesome at his job!  I am very proud to say that he will be advancing another rank soon.  He really loves the LE (law enforcement) aspect of his job.

I am also taking online classes.  I am 3 courses away from a General AA.  :D  What I eventually get a degree in is going to depend on my location and the schools available to me.  I'd be happy doing a variety of things though.  From research to hospital administration to anything dealing with the environment....etc.  I would LOVE to speak several different languages someday....Italian, French and Japanese top my list!

If I won the lottery?  I assuming you mean a great deal of money?  I would have to go to work.  The CG owns me until 4/09.  If you win a lot though, they will separate you from service due to incompatibility or something like that.  I would pick up and move to Italy, at least for a while.  I would pay off any and all debts and then help my family where it was needed.


SilentCricket:  I'd love for you to be the computer guru at the village, it would be needed!  It's an added bonus that you're a wonderfully open and warm person (not to mention a herbivore!).. the kind of people a healing centre like the one I've dreamt up needs. 

Really?  I'd love to see the whole VegWeb community there... even if it's just for a little visit.    :)
We'll need a draftsperson (K2... can we use hubby to maintain the greasecar/biofuel fleet?  ;)), a translator for international patients/students/staff/relations/etc. (yabbit)... a secondhand bookstore would be awesome (tintexas), manage the restaurant, secondbase?  How would you feel about developing a children's program for visiting school groups, Wendie?  Researchers are always needed... and of course something akin to a hospital administrator (Lauren).  Oh, and Dave?  Music was my first love, so I'll be damned if I don't somehow incorporate it into the village.  I've already told a friend of mine (she holds voice/education degrees) that I'll be hunting her down in 10 years to be the resident quasi-musical therapist.

-edit- and DeuceO, how could I forget!  When you figure out what you want to do, I'm sure we'll need whatever your chosen profession will be. 


Oh, and Dave?  Music was my first love, so if I'll be damned if I don't somehow incorporate it into the village.  I've already told a friend of mine (she holds voice/education degrees) that I'll be hunting her down in 10 years to be the resident quasi-musical therapist.

So great to hear! Music is so very very theraputic in everyway, being by playing it yourself, or just by listening to and enjoying for 12 dogs (or more)?!....oh....BTW...who is going to shovel all of that snow?!....brrrrrrrrrrrr


So great to hear! Music is so very very theraputic in everyway, being by playing it yourself, or just by listening to and enjoying for 12 dogs (or more)?!....oh....BTW...who is going to shovel all of that snow?!....brrrrrrrrrrrr

I think the snow shovelling will be a community effort.  ;)  You'll get your turn.  But don't worry, it's only for a few months.  The weather's pretty agreeable outside of December-March.  And there will certainly be room for 12 dogs (and many more).  We'd need help with the animal rescue shelter/clinic too... do you mind?    ;)

My aspirations were music-centred for the longest time.. I'd planned on doing a music degree initially.  I still want to.  I wanted to be a singer/songwriter (I play piano/guitar and sing... hoping to learn harp).. but one who not only did tours promoting her own music, but shows that incorporated a therapeutic, healing/spiritual element.  It's difficult to explain, but there would be lots of audience interaction/participation.  I'd still love to try it out.


Holy s**t, mdvegan, can you ever transform a desolate space into a thing of beauty!  The bathroom you did is beautiful, but I have to say that first kitchen is my favourite.  Please don't give up on that dream of returning to design school!  You have so much talent!!  An eye such as yours could be useful in the preliminary stages of construction... not to mention afterwards.  ;) I've often wondered what color schemes and design concepts would best fit a 'healing village' such as the one I mentioned earlier...


I received my degrees in Creative Writing and Philosophy six months ago. I work for two different departments in an outsourcing company - one deals with health insurance and the other pharmaceuticals. I hate my job(s) and I think what I'm doing is immoral, but I haven't been able to find another job (I live in Michigan). I plan on going to law school the fall of 2008, and that is why I haven't yet moved out of this state. My husband, who also graduated from college less than a year ago, is a customer service rep for a mortgage company. He's not a huge fan of his job either, but it pays well. He wants to open a house flipping business within the next few years. And if we won the lottery - we'd buy lots of investment property and rent it out until the housing market gets better, and then we'd sell it. Also, I put in about ten hours of volunteer work each week. I volunteer at a nonprofit law office, answering phones, doing some filing, writing some things and also for the Red Cross, writing grants. I definitely like doing nonprofit stuff - to be honest, I'm not sure what direction I'm going to go after law school - public or private sector. I'd really love to make a lot of money, but I like the atmosphere of a nonprofit place. And I like helping people  :)


I'm a Registered Nurse.  I have been in the same hospital for 15 years, so I must like it eh?  I work med-surg trauma (the noncritical floor after patients are seen in the ER and admitted). 

I have an Associates Degree and am currently a senior in an online RN to BSN bridge.  Next fall I plan on continuing to get my Masters of Science in Nursing with a focius on Nursing education, and hope to teach at a university/college level one day, while probably still keeping my hospital job.

If I won the lottery I would probably quit, but stay in school and teach part time.


I am a special education teacher/social worker. I've taught in three different states in many capacities. This year I'm working mostly in homes with families of students with severe behavioral challenges, but I also work with children in schools for part of the day too. I truly love my job. I am not without my frustrations and there are the occasional days when I just come home and cry, but the  time I get to spend with the kids is priceless. They are a reminder to me every day of beauty in an imperfect world.

I especially enjoy working with children with autism and hope to start working towards my master's in behavioral analysis someday soon.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd pay off my house, buy my sister a pottery wheel and a car that works, take my brother to the All-Star game, buy a house for one of the families I work with, and move to a remote area of Latin America to start a school for children with disabilities where no school exists.


I am a music teacher (10-11yr olds).  They are GREAT kids but A LOT of work (big school).  My bf and I decided not to have kids, we both are teachers and work so hard with them and that I CAN'T imagine taking care of one.

If I won the lottery, I would quit my job in a second....leave NY in two seconds and move somewhere warmer.  Stay part time in some  countries and take advantage of their yummy fruits and veggies.  Mango anyone???  :)

I love finding things (on the internet like facts about food, the environment, etc) I think learning about other cultures personally through visiting or reading personal accounts  is so cool!

I LOVE reading, want to learn how to knit and become a better guitar player.

I drive a toyota prius (my baby!  :D ) and cried when I saw "Who killed the electric car?" I NEVER knew  :'(

My mind is fast and I can talk a lot faster (my kids can keep up with me though...)

I am lucky that I have a good job, GREAT vegan bf with same ideas about life.

I usually am practical and won't spend my $ unless there is a good reason.  My bf thinks I'm crazy but I don't even want a ring when we get married (I don't like jewerly). 

We don't  have cable and only watch movies. 

I used to want to marry Simon le Bon when I was 13.  I love his voice (Yikes I am an 80's girl)

My 70's bf introduced me to some great music and I love 60's music where the lyrics actually meant something.

Guess that's it.  Oh and I love vegweb and vegan blogs!  ;D


Well, I got my bachelor's degree in painting and my masters in librarianship. Even after all that I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I didn't figure it out until I had children. I combined my art background with my library background and became a children's librarian (I loved the illustrations in picture books). My husband is a librarian as well and that is how we met. He eventually ended up managing the distance learning program in several colleges throughout the state and was retired a couple of years ago so his salary could be used for someone "younger." Over the years I have evolved and now am an assistant director in a public library. My area of responsibility for the library system is primarily children's services and materials. However, somehow I also ended up more or less being the webmaster for our website and that's the part of my job that is currently giving me the most pleasure. I have loved, loved, loved my job but now I would love, love, love to retire (managing staff gets harder and harder--I don't like that part of my job). I told someone recently I would just like to sit in my little windowless office and work on the website and have everyone leave me alone.  :P

My DH and I have 3 incredibly wonderful and talented (shameless plug) adult children, a daughter in Boston who just got her masters in publishing, a son who's an actor and splits his time between Chicago and Flat Rock, NC, and a daughter who works in the healthcare industry and lives nearby with her bf. Oh, yeah, and we have 3 gorgeous grandcats, not to mention one fur-child of the canine variety.

That being said, if I won the lottery, I have a list of charities, family members, and a few friends that I'd like to give some of the money to, and I'd retire quicker than you could say, "see you around." My focus has just changed in recent years and I feel like I'm "living two lives." Dun dun dun duuuuun.....  :D


I'm an opera singer and general musician.  I'm originally from New Orleans, but I grew up in Texas.  I did my undergrad in Baton Rouge & then moved up to NYC for my graduate degrees.  Since finishing school, I've been working a day job and trying to get my opera career really started.  I've been singing more oratorio, concerts & recitals lately, and like many singers, I have a regular church gig and an occasional temple gig.  I just got a new day job working for a non-profit music organization, for which I will be coordinating an international high school choral program.  I also work on a contract basis as a music copyist (music publishing).
If I won the lottery I would pay off all my student loans!  I would then pay off any debts, mortgages & student loans for all my family members & close friends.  Since my extended family lost almost everything in Katrina, I would take care of them too.  I would probably keep working to have something to do, but if I needed to leave town for a gig, I wouldn't worry about losing my job. 
I'm still single...I haven't had time to date! lol!  I have one adopted furry baby - my cat Begira, who thinks he's a lil person (and he's smarter than many humans I have known)...



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