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Hey! I'm new here.

I've been Vegan for almost three months. I went cold "tofurkey". Prior to that, I don't think I had gone a day in my life without consuming meat. Not that I could remember. I don't have any vegan or vegetarian friends. You can imagine all the people in my life and their reaction to my dietary conversion.

To make a long story short, I watched this documentary called Food Inc. that affected me deeply. However, I made no action until I caught it again on Netflix a year later. I also found out Mike Tyson had become a vegan. Seriously though, it's probably one of the best decisions I made in my life and I can't envision eating meat again.

I love animals and I love cooking. That's why I lurk around Peta's website and Vegweb now. I don't understand why this happened to me, but the sight of dairy and meat are starting to gross me out. My dad still can't believe what's going on and gets annoyed at how strict I've become and has jokingly compared me to Muslims and Jews and their passionate and strict dietary observance. God willing, I want to open a Vegan bakery in the near future because of this inspiration I'm getting...

..Because of my changes, my Fiance has gone ovo-lacto-vegetarian with many days of the week completely vegan. My dad has pledged to eat meat every two weeks because I finally convinced him that one day he could very well be taken off his cholesterol medicine. Admittedly it was probably more the Bill Clinton interview on CNN I showed him where Bill said he went to a completely plant based diet and is on his way to getting a lot healthier. I digress.

You guys are going to have to forgive the erratic nature of this post, it's nearly 3AM I must be lonley...haha anyone remember that song? Thank you for your awesome recipes Vegweb and look forward to one day sharing some of mine with you.

P.S. eventually I want to become a raw foodist, that's the endgame for me. I'm also not perfect, my car that was bought three years ago has leather seats(don't worry, I plan to sell it). As a result of becoming a vegan I've become much more self-aware and aware of the interconnectedness of life on planet Earth. Aside the vegan bakery dream, I'd like to do some organic farming and community farming. Thank God that I realized this nature loving part of myself now that I'm young to where I have time to make these things happen. Good luck to everybody in finding,  loving and maintaining  a healthy and ethical lifestyle.

Hi veghun87, welcome to the forum. Good luck with your dream of owning a vegan bakery, sounds like a great goal! See you around vegweb...  :)


WELCOME! i can relate because i don't have any vegans friends either, but people on this site and very friendly. I want to become a raw foodist too! i'm trying to make a slow transition, sorta. i try to cook my veggies less, and eat raw as much as i can.  :)


Welcome!  I went from omni to vegan, too.  I wouldn't worry about your car seats.  It's something to think about next time, but it's done, so drive the hell out of it.


I think We ALL can relate. What you describe is very familiar to those who frequent this site.

What the carnivores don't understand is how much better a person feels after converting to a vegan diet. Most think were are masochistic for philosophical reasons, like we are denying ourselves of something like ascetics.

Thanks for sharing your experience. You crazy vegan!


Welcome to vegweb! You sound like a really awesome person  8-)


Nice to meet you!!!

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