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Newly Vegetarian!

Hello! I just recently decided to make the switch from omnivorism to becoming a vegetarian! My family is full of meat-eaters though and I was wondering if anyone had any tips/recipes/advice on things that will make the transition a little easier? ANY advice is welcome! :)

Thank you!

Alright! Thank you!


Hello! Here are a couple things to get to know :) Seitan (unless your Gluten Free), Tofu, Tempeh, Nutirtional yeast, Quinoa, Agar, and Ener-G Egg Replacer (or any other brand). If you already know these things..... well then I dk how to help :)  Oh also cooking is very different. Get books and prepare for some trial and error. But in the end if you stick to it you will be overly satisfied :) hope it helps - Alex


Thank you for that! I was wondering what all is available. I'll probably have to go to the next town for some of those because the town I live in is biiiig on beef industry and such. Its kinda hard to find anything but tofu around here haha

I appreciate your help, Alex!!


Try some recipes on this site,there's very good recipes.I would make meals that are familiar that can easily be converted to vegetarian.they have vegetarian replacements for meat,cheese,mayo,salad dressings,eggs,ice cream,yogurt,pudding,etc...I would also do some more research on vitamins,if you haven't already,because you need to find out what may be missing in the diet.


Any time! I had no idea what I was doing when I first made the change so I totally understand :) anything else just ask and I'll try to help! - alex

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