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Newbie Introduction

Hi Everyone!
I'm fairly new to this site and as well as being new to veganism. My husband and I became ovo-lacto vegetarians in Oct 09 after reading Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals. I quit eggs and dairy products cold turkey a month later. I'm still struggling with the less obvious animal based ingredients that you really have to scan the labels for. I'm pretty good with the obvious one's like whey, casein, lactose, albumin, but I still get confused about some others. I'm also still trying to sort out vegan options for make up and personal care products. This website has been a TREMENDOUS resource. I don't know anyone who is a vegan in person, so knowing that I can come to this site helps me not feel so alone. I like to cook which has certainly helped my transition, but I'm still trying to figure out how to balance cooking on work nights with a realy demanding job and a long commute. I'm definitely still learning how complicated it can be to manage your own diet when eating out (which I have to do a lot for my job), and really eating healthy. Thanks to everyone who participates in this site for their great insights, ideas & moral support!
Sarah in NJ/NJGIRL

Welcome to the wonderful worlds of veganism and vegweb! You'll get to used to checking labels and learning about ingredients and soon it won't even be an issue. If you have trouble cooking on weeknights you could cook big batches of food on the weekends that will last you throughout the week. Lots of things like chili and casseroles work well for that.


Welcome :) I agree with algae... i do most of my cooking and vegetable prepping on my days off and eat leftovers... way easier


Nice to meet you!  Congrats on going vegan!  It can be a process that takes a while.  Best wishes!

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