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new to Vegweb, what is beinga vegan all about? What's the rules?

Hey Everyone,

OK I found this site threw a search on google for parenting forums and thought it sounded kinda cool because I'm always into healthy eating and I really want to loose weight.  Can anyone explain to me if Vegan eating is a religion, just a way of eating like a Vegetarian or what exactly is it about?

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Welcome! :)

There are several threads here on parenting, which I also check out since I'm a vegan mama. Here are the threads on veg*n parenting:

Being vegan isn't a religion, although many people are vegetarian/vegan for religious and/or moral reasons. Being vegan simply means not eating things with animal products in them. There are lots of other aspects that many people subscribe to as well, such as not using/wearing animal products. But the main thing for most of us is our diet.

Personally, I've been vegan for 18 years and absolutely LOVE it. It has greatly improved my health, well-being, and my conscience as well! Here is a thread you may be interested in on that subject:

I've also written a comprehensive book on wellness w/ healthy, vegan recipes (and a great weight-loss system) ( if you're looking for a resource. There is also a place on my home page where you can register for my FREE newsletter which also has lots of great tips. My blog is at:

OK, that's probably too much information for you now, but I hope it helped. I believe that all things happen for a reason, so I invite you to check out the great resources at VegWeb and have fun!! :)


Hi Heather!  You may find these links helpful:

"Vegan Basics" from The Vegan Society

"Why Vegan?" from Vegan Outreach


All hail kale!

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