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New at vegan so bit confused

Are all bread vegan? I found out yesterday that people buy vegan bread or make it them self's. I didn't know that bread cannot be vegan.

Also is diet red bull vegan? I read that cane sugar is not vegan so i'm confused if sweeteners in fizzy drinks are vegan.
So that means anything with sugar in it i have to avoid?

congrats on becoming vegan!!! yay for you!

now i do believe that the taurine in red bull is definatley not of a vegan source, its not in the vegan shopper (a hand book you can order from the vegan society which gives you lists of which products are vegan and what to look out for in ingrediants).

all breads vary, just dont eat any with eggs, milk or butter in, there is a brilliant and really easy recipe on here called outrageously easy big bread, try that if oyu can cos its fantastic

goood luck girly

kat x


oh well after reading all the others on here maybe they have made red bull vegan now, havent drunk pop for a long while so im out of touch heheeh

still advise oyu get the book tho, its updated annually  its only a fiver!



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