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New member in Washington (state)

I was looking for a support site.  More brains and ideas are better than 1.  I am the only vegetarian in my family. 

I get alot about how unhealthy it is because you can't get proper xyz vitamon etc.  I just say you can if you learn more about what is in your food nutrition wise and go from there. 

I bring the veggie tray to most things.  Salad is a foreign food to some of them. haha 

When I am invited some where I don't complain and eat what I can and keep my opinions to myself. 

Looking for other food sources and seeing how other vegetarian look at their world.

Interesting that people whom a veggie tray is foreign are so concerned about your nutrition on a veggie diet.  sheesh...........



haha, Tweety!

Welcome CyndyL! I think you'll find lots of info about how healthy a vegan diet is in our forums and articles. It's nice to have a supportive community to check in to when you feel like the world around you is crazy! Not only is vegan healthy, it's also delicious, as evidenced by the 13,000 plus recipes on the site!

Have fun and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

WebMistress Laura


Thanks for your replies!

The part where you mentioned that a veggie platter is a foreign object.  I make a tray of veggies (dinner was at my house for Christmas)  Only my husband and I touched them.

My Aunt that lives in another city commented once when she came how little anyone ate veggies.  I told her that is why I don't make a huge salad anymore for everyone as it doesn't get touched by hardly anyone. 

Lots of great recipes and ideas here!


Cyndy: I know exactly what you're talking about. For the longest time I was the only vegetarian in my family, but then I converted my mom :). My dad still talks about the "good old days when made pot roast" ew. I'm from Oregon but I go to school in Washington, it's a great place! Hope you find what you need here.

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