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I love this website - VegWeb has the best recipes around!  I've been using the recipes for a while  now, and finally got around to joining.  I've been vegetarian for almost 10 years and vegan for the last five, and have had a hard time finding ideas for "good" food.  If anyone needs support and encouragement, it's us vegans - I still get funny looks when I tell most folks I'm vegan (or blank stares if they don't know what that means) and too many people still ask me, "If you don't eat meat, dairy or eggs, what DO you eat?"  I get offered salads and steamed vegetables (which I dislike), and not much else, and family and friends have a way of making too big a fuss about meals, causing me to feel even more like an outsider.  So, I'm learning to cook more delicious and varied vegan dishes, and plan on, if not converting folks to becoming vegan, at least teaching them that even us "weird" vegans can eat pretty well.




I love the "what do you eat...just vegetables???" people. 


g-man430 wrote:beatrizg126 wrote:HI....Im Beatriz from spain....loves to travel and talk about anything. Hoping to meet new friends here.

Como estas? Me bien y cansado. Como te llamas? Me llamo Jacob.  Que pasa? Hasta la vista.
Dial the llamas?  What?


Hi there.  I'm new too.

My favorite line right now in Potluck Season is, "So if I made something for you with fish in it would you eat it?"

ummmm... no. If it has eyes, I no likey.

I've taken to carrying a larger than normal bag with me everywhere I go. I carry snackages with me in case I meet the evil Steamed Veggie Monster myself.  Hate mushy vegetables. Blechhh


Welcome, utlkn2me! I think you're gonna love it here!

Also, Tweety, hahaha, totally! Those are my favorite types of people. I just make them the cheesy lasagna recipe from the site and they shut up really quick!

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