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Im new :)

Hi I am very new to this and I was wondering if some of you could share your favorite recipes (preferably easy) with me. It's day three of my stomach being very ill and I think it really is time for a change. I'm ready to gain back my energy, bright complexion, figure, and health in general. If you have any tips for me please let me know :)


here are some great recipes that are pretty easy:
Super Fast chick peas and spinach
The Best breakfast scramble ever
outstanding cheezy potato bake
curry of fury in a hurry
general tao's tofu
thai inspired veggie and rice soup
easy palak alu
chana masala
black bean enchiladas
grandmas butter beans


Welcome to VegWeb!!!!

Going vegetarian or vegan is the best thing I know to start living and feeling great!  Good luck!


Hello everyone I'm new here, see you around guys.


Welcome srthomas5303!

lubimiller gave some great suggestions! Browsing the recipes by category should give you a good idea of all the amazing veg foods that are out there. Once you've done that, you just need to start cooking! It's super fun and don't forget to leave comments on the recipes to let us know what you thought about them!

Have fun!!
WebMistress Laura

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