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Hola dudes and dudettes.

Although i've come through here over the years for recipes i never thought about joining the forums until i got my VegNews newsletter today. Reading over the posts you all seem like a super helpful bunch.

I'm a single vegan mama in Chicago to Van who is almost 3. Can honestly say that over the past two weeks we finally got the winter blues (and tons of snow!) that has made us want to curl up with some vegan comfort foods A LOT. Totally stuck in a soup and chili rut. I guess there are worse things right?

We are a frugal bunch and strive to eat as healthy/organic as we can. Whole Foods, as much i actually used to loathe it (Whole Paycheck?) it really now our best friend.....because of coupons. We save a ton of money going there over our regular grocery and have so much better choices.

Also, i'm in the stages of getting tested for Celiac Diease so being a gluten-free vegan is what i'm reading up on right now. Any recommendations there would be greatly appreciated...seeing as how it'll be interesting to figure out meal plans with that one.

Nice to meet you all!

Nice to meet you!!!  Welcome!



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