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hi there.

quick intro: my name is sara. i'm 22, an archaeology student who is one year away from a bachelor's degree. i've had fits of veganism for the past four years and only recently i've been adhering to a nearly complete vegan diet. i also live with a hyper-carnivorous manchild.
the first few years on my own was chaotic. i was making little to no money while working two jobs more than full time while trying to get an education. while i didn't exactly buy animal products (meat is expensive, milk and eggs make me sick), i wasn't exactly feeding myself very well either.
my diet lapses have reduced in frequency but i'm still in a state of transition.
this website is the best vegan/veg website i've found thus far. good to meet you all!

Welcome! Lots of great recipes here and, by all means, get involved in the discussions.


Nice to meet you!  Good luck in finding a better health through veganism!


hi sara! hurrah for coming here :)

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