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Hello VegWeb!

I'm so glad I found you!  I've followed a vegetarian diet for a few months, largely inspired by Food Inc.  Now that it's Feb, I've been following vegan diet for 1 month, largely inspired by Skinny Bitch.  I feel great except for the loud explosive gas that I've been passing a few times a day.  Have tried Beano and mint tea, as suggested.  Hope this subsides!!!!!

I still have a few issues which I was unable to resolve by looking through past posts and I hope someone can give me more insight.

I am curious about gluten and whether I want to eat it at all.  I'm not intolerant, as far as I know.  But because it was coming in from China enhanced with poison that boosted protein levels, I still wouldn't buy dog food and treats with it.  Pets died from it. 

Also, Food Rules has been influencing my food choices lately and I find myself uncertain about many products that I've been using like the "crumbles", "sour cream", and "cream cheese".  Judging from the labels, these are industrially produced.  They include some ingredients not in my pantry, not easy pronounced, and not found in nature.  So, I don't want them in my frig anymore.  Bummer.  At least I get to keep the Veganaise (I think).

It looks like I am left with fruit (which I don't really like), vegetables and whole grains?  Right?

Thanks!  I look forward to continuing this process of trying to align values with food choices and health!

It looks like I am left with fruit (which I don't really like), vegetables and whole grains?  Right?

Also nuts/seeds and beans. Sounds like a pretty healthy diet. It's what I adhere to 95% of the time with the occasional indulgence in something "industrially produced" or sugar.

Welcome to the forums!


Thanks Hopfrog!  I'll be eatting it 95% of the time, too, and looking for some recipes/combinations to keep it interesting! 


Hi.  Are you talking about gluten in the sense of the Chinese food, or just gluten in general.  You can actually make your own gluten/seitan with vital wheat gluten from reliable companies like Arrowhead Mills.  

There are a lot of processed vegan foods that you should eat sparingly.  Personally, I don't eliminate such things from my diet like veggie burgers or prepared foods, because they are helpful in a pinch, especially after a 12-hour shift, but I eat them sparingly.

 Eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes (to include tofu and tempeh), and raw nuts should give you excellent nutrition and there are literally tons of things to eat.  They key to good vegan health is not to get stuck in a rut but to eat a wide variety of whole foods. 

Good luck!  


Hi Tweety!
I  think it was wheat gluten in general that was causing the scare and gives me pause.

I think I'm with you on using prepared vegan food sparingly, as opposed to eliminating them.  I simply haven't perfected a homemade veggie burger, though I'm still trying and will share when I do!  Plus, The "Italian Sausage" by Field Roast made a pasta and veget dish outstanding and I like the idea of having it again sometime.

It seemed to me that many of the recipes and articles I was finding rely heavily on the use of the mock cheese and meat products (that I don't want to use much of anymore) and I was getting overwhelmed.



I haven't heard of any problems with gluten as far as it coming from China causing problems.  Must of the gluten products we eat I think are grown here in the US and Canada anyway. 

Some people find that eliminating gluten helps them feel better.  So eliminating gluten as a trial is something you might do.  I've thought about it myself.  I think the problem is that the standard American diet is gluten heavy with the breads, cereals we eat at every meal. 

Again, I would stress variety. 

I love Field Roast products! 

About the gas, I think our body eventually adjusts.  I don't have near the amount of gas that I used to.






Hahaha yes, the gas definitely passes. I like to think of it as your bowels getting healthy. Well, I don't like to think about it but you know what I'm saying!

I agree with everything Tweety said, variety is key! Also, sometimes going easy on the soy and gluten products will help ease up on that too. I find that if I eat two soy heavy meals a day, I get a little bloated. But that's A LOT of soy. If I eat one, I'm fine. There are so many recipes on VegWeb that don't rely heavily on those ingredients too, so experiment!

Oh also, Welcome!! :)

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