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Hello from Utah!!!

Hiya :)

I'm new to this forum and brand new to veganism.  I was scrolling through google to find some vegan recipes and found this website!! I'm pretty excited! haha it's been hard to do this alone, living in a house with 3 meat-eaters. 
A little about me: Gosh I'm boring! lol
I'm 19, living in Northern Utah. I go to a local university majoring in Anthropology and Zoology.  My goal is to become a veterinarian... I'm nowhere close... but I'm determined!! I was homeschooled through high school, so I've done tons of odd things. I went to culinary school for a bit, and got certified as a makeup artist.  Lately I've just been trying to get better from a gnarly case of Whooping Cough, so no school this semester (or anything fun, really!! haha)

I'm a huge animal lover. We have 5 dogs, 5 cats, and 5 birds. The majority of our babies are rescues, and I'm pretty into that.

Several things have pointed me in the direction of changing my lifestyle. For several years I've been battling really strange health problems and battling a pretty significant weight gain.  I was recommended the book 'Skinny Bitch' and quite a bit of what was said made a lot of sense to me... So in conjunction with my love and respect for animals, health problems, and fat arse.... well... It makes perfect sense!!!

Anywho... that was long! haha sorry :)

I hope I can get some awesome tips and recipes from this site to help me out a bit.


Welcome to VW! You don't sound boring at all- actually, quite opposite. That's awesome that you have so many pets- I'm jealous. Good luck with becoming a vet. You sound like you'd make a good one! :)




Welcome!  Best of luck toyou!

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