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    I am a new vegan.  Was vegetarian until my conscience got the better of me.  So, as of January 1st I made the switch.  I live in SC with my hubby and two wonderful kids (all non-veg).  We have a 3 yr old poodle named Marley.  It's really great to meet and get to know everyone.  It's even better to have some support without  anyone local to speak of.'s great to meet everyone!


Welcome! I made the switch to vegan on 01/01 too.

I've lost 15 lbs since then. My blood pressure went way down. What changes have you noticed?


Nice to meet you.  Welcome!~ 


Well, the first thing I noticed was that I have to eat more  I am already rather small.  It has been hard too because I feel satisfied for so much longer than I did before.  I have to eat regularly, because if I wait until I'm hungry I forget to eat for most of the day.  The other thing I noticed was mood stability.  I had a problem with anxiety that just doesn't seem to be an issue anymore.  And other changes from the female aspect that I'm sure the men don't want to hear about. 


Hi tinytantrum! Yay for making the switch to veganism and welcome to vegweb!
That's really interesting that you don't have an anxiety problem anymore. Does anyone else have experience with that?

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