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Hello everyone!!!!

It's late here but I just wanted to say hello  :>

and I am sooooo excited to try some new recipes once I get back to my apartment after the holidays are over. blah. It's SUPER difficult to be vegan with my family- I'm sure this is the case with most of ya'll. Some introductions would be LOVELY! I just signed up on this site a few days ago and just love it so far..

Hi Erika! Welcome to VegWeb! Good luck surviving the holidays with your family, I know how that goes!! Have tons of fun on the site, and please let me know if you have any questions!!


Hi Erika! Love the quote under your pic... is that deliberately or accidentally from the movie 'Ever After'? Great flick!

I can def'ly sympathize w/ your non-vegan family issues... mine's ok (strong fam history of veg*n eating, for lots of us including my folks) but my inlaws put freakin' animal stuff in EVERYTHING... seriously, last T'Giving (due to unexpected circ's) I didn't have time to make my own dishes to bring (like I usually do)... so ended up just having the cranberry sauce!

MMMM... yeah, I was *so* full... (<--- sarcasm!).

Anyway... welcome! This site's great; have fun with it. See you around!


Hi!  Nice to meet you.  Welcome to VegWeb!


Hey! Yay.. people replied! haha. It's nice to meet all of you as well.

And (to answer your curiosity, hotcooknmama), the Ever After quote WAS deliberate. My mom and I watch that movie way too much! And cranberry sauce happened to be MY main course at thanksgiving, too! But I stocked up on some tofurky beforehand so I wouldn't feel unfestive.


Hey my name is Erica as well. I am a newly converted vegan and my family is giving me all kinds of trouble and they just don't understand that I don't want there cookies!! haha  :)

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