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Hello From Canada!

Hello Everyone!

I just found this website the other day (thanks to the power of google!) and I'm amazed at the collection of recipes. I'm 21, Canadian and a university student, I'm just getting into a vegan lifestyle (my new years resolution, due to health reasons) and can't eat soy  :( So, if you have any recommendations and cheap/easy budget friendly soy free type meals I'd love to hear them!



Welcome to VegWeb....I'm sure you'll find this website a great resource and that you continue to share with us your journeys.


Welcome, Sarah!

Like underSarah said, there's a lot of concern about allergies here, I hope we can supply what you need. I'm a university student, and I'm only lacto-veg, and I dunno about your uni, but it'd be really hard to be vegan here--and my school claims to be alternative-diet friendly, and is much more so than other schools. Good Luck!


Hello! Welcome!

Yes, tons of forums talking about allergies, definitely check out the thread in Lean, Mean Vegan Machine: ... you'll find lots of allergy talk!

As for soy free...lots of recipes can be changed to be made with almond, rice, hemp, or oat milk, instead of soy. That's an easy switch. Also, if you're looking for a good butter sub, Earth Balance just came out with a soy free blend and it's DELICIOUS, tastes just like butter! You can get it at lots of health food stores and big chains like Whole Foods. I also recommend experimenting with Seitan as a replacement for tofu and's amazing and we have tons of recipes on VegWeb!

Please explore and have so much fun, you came to the right place!!

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