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Hello Again! :)

Hello again everybody.

I'm Karla. I introduced myself a while back but since I found my way back here after a long time, I thought I'd do it again. I'm currently an ovo-vegetarian. I've been working on becoming a full vegan, but it seems to be a slow process with me. I know once I get to that goal, I'll start feeling better physically. Plus hopefully loose the 40 pounds or so that I've put on in the past couple of years.

Most in my family think I'm nuts just being a vegetarian. My grandmother still insists that I can eat Cream of Chicken soup because there isn't any chicken chunks in it. I just rack those statements up to a different generation. My uncle and cousin constantly harass me. I've learned just to ignore that. It seems the only way they will stop. My mom is the only one who doesn't get on my case about it. Within the past few years, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She's just now realizing that she's got to change her diet. I'm trying to get her to eat more veggie meals. She's opening to it more and more.

I'm glad to be back. Now I'm off to explore the new forums.......  8-)

Nice to meet  you!


welcome back ~^_^~




Welcome back.  My grandmother is the same holidays she can't understand why I can't "cheat on my diet for just one day."  ::) But like you, I just smile and remember that she's coming from a totally different place.  Enjoy the forums! 



Thanks for the welcomes!


Nice to hear that you are serious with your diet. Besides, welcome back and enjoy around. Just hopping all the messages around.

Regards to all!

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