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I am new to the site and vegan lifestyle. I am so excited to have come across the site and can not wait to get started making some awesome goodies. I have seen a couple of post about others running into the same problems as myself. I honestly could care less if anyone agrees with what I chose to eat or not. However, I am married and I have two children. My husband believes vegtables are of the worst punishment on the plant. Well my children who once would eat anything are now taking on his eating habits. I am the one who makes all meals and decide what we are eating, but they just push it to the side like he does. This has been a topic of discussion for as long as I can remember in regards to eating healthy and now vegan. I would LOVE any suggestions.

Nice to meet you.  Good luck.


Welcome! I hope that your family becomes more supportive. With all of the meat substitute products out there, you can make meals that really resemble their meat counterparts. Just over Thanksgiving, my mother in law (who is Thai) made some Thai "beef" salad. She made a real beef version and a meatless one for my husband and I. They looked completely identical and the rest of the family could not taste the difference. Maybe you can "trick" your family in a similar fashon? As with any new endeavor, there will be a transition phase. If you are the one making the meals, I would suggest making something with meat once a week or so. If they don't want to eat what you prepare the rest of the week, they can cook for themselves!

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