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Where do you draw the line?

I have been fighting with myself with this question. At what point in your veganism do you say enough? I try to buy as organic as possible to be sure that my food doesn't come into contact with animal products. I make my dad and brother use their own pots/ cooking utensils when cooking animal products. I refuse to buy animal products for anyone and I'm really not supportive of meat eating at all. I can't see myself ending up with a meat eater without me relentlessly trying to convert them.

I stear clear of anything with unwholesome ingredients (anything I can't pronounce, natural and artificial colors, dyes, etc). I avoid high fructose corn syrup like the plague. I have food purity issues though...

Anyway, at what point do you draw the vegan line?

Also, I freaking drive myself crazy with the food purity thing sometimes. I have to buy food all the time because I want it fresh without preservatives or any of the other crap they try to put in food. Does anyone else have this issue? I have a history of eating disorders, I'm hoping this isn't a manifestation of that....

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