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Veg*n Atheist/Agnostic/Freethinkers Chat

Starting this since it came up in another thread that we'd like to chat. (Even if it's just me and JessaCita professing our love for Julia Sweeny!;))

I probably don't have to say this because of how cool everyone on VegWeb is but...
Let's please not get into heavy debate in this thread.

Let's just chat about veg*n Atheist/Agnostic/Freethinkers issues...
For example, books that we're reading or would like to recommend, how we/if we celebrate holidays etc. that kind of thing. Or whatever else takes your fancy.  :D

I agree, but I think we can continue to derive worth from Gandhi's message without acting as though it's ever okay for anyone, in any society, to support the oppression of human beings.  That's wrong, it's always wrong, and Gandhi was wrong for doing it.

However, we don't know Gandhi's final stance. And there's the trouble.

From there we just all have to opine. I've stated mine - his actions show a change of course. Others need more concrete proof. That's cool, too.

Let's not get too crazy and poison the well when it comes to pacifism, non-violence and truth seeking.

I smell a group hug coming on.


Just wanted to add to this thread (if no one saw it already): Yvette Ehler was kind enough to take me up on my suggestion of changing "Faith" in the member profiles to "Religious Views." I felt that this is far more neutral, especially given that Agnosticism/Atheism are defined by a LACK of faith, and shouldn't therefore fall under the headline of something that they aren't. Some people may read it the wrong way and think that it means "My religion is Agnosticism/Atheism", but for these people it's intended to be read as "My views toward religion are atheistic" etc.



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