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House passes "Protect Life Act"

the bill disallows abortion if the insurance carrier receives any federal funding, which will apparently be most private insurance. It would also allow a hospital to refuse treatment to women seeking abortions even if it's a life-saving procedure.


I have no problem with taxpayers paying for an abortion for low-income/no income people. Or a loan they can pay back slowly. Better that than paying $ in taxes for 18 years of that kid's life.

I think the GOP stance on this makes no sense. Before Roe V Wade women were still having abortions, but they were back alley abortions that could kill them or home abortions. Rich women (or politician's mistresses) could afford to go out of state or even out of country to have one.

People say adoption is the answer, but how many approved adoptive parents are there versus how many unwanted babies there would be in this day and age and banned abortions? How many want white babies? Babies from a drug-free mom? How many over 1 kids are wasting away in group homes and unfit crowded foster homes where they foster parents just want money? 

If they ban abortions and I get pregnant accidently because I am irresponsible or get raped or whatever reason it shouldn't matter, should i have a kid I don't want? Can't pay for? I don't think so. People make mistakes, accidents happen. For people that get knocked up more than once, should they be fined maybe? There is an idea.



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