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another ridiculous anti vegan website

my favorite part about this one though is that they continue to use the phrase "blow your guts out" when referring to the effects of being vegan.

this sentence is actually bolded closer to the bottom of the page... "The result of their spreading myths, distortions and lies about healthy eating has lead to a dramatic surge in obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer that is not found in low-carbohydrate, high-fat, meat-eating societies."

Theres also a link to a website called  "Vegetarians develop high cholesterol and can't correct it.", but the link just takes you to dr. weils website, and i think hes a little bit smarter than that.

anyways.  i found this site incredibly funny, disturbing and i'm hoping fake and thought maybe you'd like to have a chuckle as well.

My DH started taking a spoonful of olive oil before breakfast to help arthritis pain (dr's advice)...he was constipated due to his high-stress job and that seemed to help.
Now that he's retired (YAAAAY! I'm still not over that!) he's discovered that the oil is too much! So (hang onto yourselves!) he is learning some of my gentle yoga exercises to help with the joint pain.

We'll have him munching on rabbit food and seitan yet... ;)


UNREAL!!! that's so bad...


Has anybody on that website ever heard of scurvey?  Is is the disease that humans get from not eating any fruits and veggies: from lack of vitamin C.  Interesting fact that the author didn't mention is that a carnivor's body can produce it's own vitamin C, herbivors need to get it from their diet.  And herbavors can produce their own cholesterol and taurine (as humans also can) but carnivors must get these nutrients from their diet.  I noticed that that little interesting fact isn't mentioned.


total bull


eeek, I wish there was a "report to admin" or "report abuse" button at the bottom of my page...

I find it interesting that they proudly linked to a report the "Fat children will be the norm within the decade;" an article that outlines the impending health epidemic that this will cause.

at least we know the guy and his minions won't be around too long...

oooo... let's stick him in one of the veg*n old folk's homes from the other thread ;D


What a load of bullSh*t that was! I think this guy has four pounds of meat stuffed in his brain...

At least we as a group can laugh at this person outrageous level of ignorance!

I don't think he has anything serving as a brain. . . .


Or should I say, morons gonna be morons.

This stuff doesn't even dignify a reply. I mean, LOL, they even referenced themselves in a list of helpful links. xDDDD


I must sadly admit I tried a very similar diet ( ) thinking it would cure my intestinal issues (parasitic and yeast overgrowth causing colitis). So I can say from experience I felt energy and depressed. Only drugs followed by probiotics cleared it up, and going mostly vegan has drastically improved my heath.


See? See? The Vegweb Knights of the Fucked-Up Colon agree! 

Just repeat...

Veg*n Nomz Make me Hate the Bathroom Less!


Just the head line made me laugh.  Vegan vs high protein?  Vegans that eat correctly (mostly plant based food, not processed crap) are getting more protein than the typical meat eater.  100 calories of romaine lettuce has DOUBLE the amount of protein as 100 calories of beef. 
People make these sites to make themselves FEEL BETTER about what they know is wrong.  I love the statistics.  Where exactly did they get 80 percent of vegetarians have these heath problems? 


The first thing I read was the stuff about increased risks for various disease so copy and pasted the diseases into google since I've never heard of them, added the word vegetarian, and then exclusively found stuff about how people treated the disease with a vegetarian diet and have been getting better since... Haha. 

I was laughing while reading the site and then I got to the part where it says vegan dudes have erectile dysfunction and that pissed me off, I hope there aren't any people dumb enough to believe this shit...  I may not have enough stamina to prove them all wrong.


I think this is like "The Onion" for omnis.



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