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veggie lodging?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone had any bed and breakfast or other recommendations.  I'm looking for some place affordable that would either provide vegan breakfast or have kitchenette or kitchen privileges to make my own, and I'd like the place to be within driving distance from NJ (maybe 8 hours maximum).  I've found some places listed online that sound great, but before I make any final plans, I thought I'd ask if any of guys have any personal recommendations or horror stories.  You guys always seem very knowledgeable about traveling and food and basically anything...  So if you've got any feedback, let me know!



I am really bad with the map unless I have it in front of me, but there is a vegetarian bed and breakfast in Vermont. I'm sorry I can't provide more detail, but if you Google "vegetarian bed and breakfast in Vermont" hopefully it will come up. I hope it is what and where you are looking for. I don't have any personal stories because I didn't stay there, but it sounded great!!


It's called "The Sweet Onion Inn." I stayed there for my honeymoon. It is amazing. It's vegan, and they do their best to do all organic, too. It's in Hancock, VT, and is probably a bit out of your travel range, but not by much. It's worth the travel. The couple who own the place are very nice, and the food is awesome. I was there three years ago.


Yes that was it, The Sweet Onion Inn. Thanks for the follow-up!!


That would be my librarian brain taking over.  :)


Thanks for the feedback!  I was looking at that place, and it looks great!  The only thing is that it's a bit out of my budget.  I know it includes both breakfast and dinner, but still...  It must have been great for your honeymoon though!

I'm thinking about this place:

Similar name, but I don't think they're associated at all!

Wherever we go, I'll let you guys know how we like it.

BTW, Joelle, nice to see you posting again!  I myself have hardly posted at all, but in my lurking, I love to see the "old" people come back!


I just went to that link and it is the sister inn of the Sweet Onion Inn. That inn was very expensive. I wanted to go there with my boyfriend when we went to Vermont, but it was out of our budget also. And let me tell you that being a vegetarian in Queechee and Woodstock in Vermont is almost impossible. They do not cater to the vegetarian. Anyway, have a great time whereever you're going.


It's been 2 yrs and 8 months since this post.  Where did you go?  Did you enjoy it? 

There is a vegan bed and breakfast in Virginia Called "The White Pig"

It looks like this one in Ocean City NJ is vegetarian - Serendipity

Anyone else have experience staying at a veg*n B&B?

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