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My experience at Chili's Restaurant

This weekend my family and I traveled to Texas Motor Speedway so my 18-yr son could do the Team Texas drive, 20 laps around the speedway (which he said was the most awesomed birthday present EVER)!  Anyway, that night we were driving around Roanoke, TX tying to find some place to eat and finally ended up at Chili's.  I asked the waiter how the beans and rice were prepared, and the ingredients in the black bean burger.  He had to go ask, and another waiter came by to check on us so I asked him but he also had to go ask.  Then the Manager came by, assured me that the black bean burger was vegan, no dairy, no eggs, no animal products of any kind.  Then the second waiter came back with a printout from a vegan blog with some information from Chili's corporate headquarter stating that the black bean burger had dairy in it and while it was vegetarian, it was NOT vegan.  But the rice, black beans and corn on the cob (without butter) were vegan options.  So I changed my order to that.  But I thought that was so nice of him to do that, he even printed out several pages on allergen suggestions as well as the nutritional information spreadsheet - and he wasn't even our waiter!   

Im glad you had a good experience.  The last time I was there they gave mee avocado with cheese on it.  I ordered my salad without cheese too.  I do like the black beans though. They are not bad for a food chain.  Chiil's is off my families list of resturants because they did not like their food either.


Yep, I was sad to learn about the black bean burger. I used to eat that a lot as l/o veg. Don't really have a reason to go to Chili's these days, but good thing you could get something. Last time I was there, we were very confused by the allergen list. It had strange things like possibility of fish in garlic bread........

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