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what to do with carrot greens?

Please help! Our good vegetable shop has started selling carrots with the green ferny tops still on. The carrots seem to stay fresh longer, even if you cut the tops off, than the ones that come "shorn." My parakeet loves the raw tops, but surely there's a way to use them for food? I know they're edible but they're not v. attractive as is. Any ideas? ??? Thanks!

carrot greens taste like turbo charged parsley, but a bit spicier. maybe try out using them where you would use parsley or other herbs, so... you could chop them up, and try putting them in things like veggie soups, in vinegarette dressings and mayos, or try them finely chopped on mixed veggie salads, or to add a herby kick to home made nut or lentil burgers, etc. i think they'd go well with garlicy and lemony flavours too. or add the tops to the mix when making veggie juices in a juicer. i have to admit i haven't tried these myself, but now i feel the urge to go and buy carrots with the tops on and give it a try, sounds like fun!


Since I lots of green (like the turnip greens I had with dinner today) I would
bet you could steam them very quickly (maybe 60 seconds or 90 seconds) and then
put a simple salad dressing on them (or just vinegar). Also, other ideas like
put them in soup or chop them up very fine and add them to salad sounds good
to me.

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