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Vegan Grocery Stores In Ontario?

Gosh darn it. I've been looking up vegan grocery stores on the internet (ie,, etc...) and it seems that every single one is located in the States. Why?! I have had a terrible time trying to find an online or even just regular grocery store in Canada, especially Ontario. What are we, vegan haters or something?! AHH! If you know of any vegan grocery stores (or any vegan shoe stores, clothing, etc...) in Canada, preferrably Ontario, would you like to be an angel and tell me?! I'd love you forever and ever and ever. And then some.

i'm in ontario too, but i'm the only vegan i know and i'm in a pretty small town and haven't been here long so i don't really know much yet!
i have found this resource though which i think could be useful:
its the toronto vegan association website, and has TONNES of stuff on it, links to all kinds of places and resources both in toronto and through mail order from the area. some of the pages i found that might be helpful include:
a few shoes, clothes, and belts stores, and
list of natural food stores in the toronto area- i don't know where in ontario you are, but some of the stores might do mail order if it's too far for a visit!
i've been meaning to look at this site more, i always seem to read a bit, get inspired, and imagine taking a weekend trip to toronto to look at all the stores (dragging my poor bf with me, lol!), but then forget to actually get organised enough to go!
hope it helps, anyway

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