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Need a Little help, and quick...

Ok, so here's my story.  A girl I'm interested in is graduating college this week and we're getting together (just the two of us to celebrate.)  A client of mine from CA is sending me two bottle of champaign (one sweet, one dry) and now I'm trying to come up with some food for the occasion.  She's a vegetarian, I'm not, nor am I much of a cook... but I'm willing to learn and follow instructions well.  I also know very little about champaign, though i've been reading up as much as I can.

I need a meal, or perhaps just an appetizer and dessert that will go well with the champaign.  I'll be traveling to her house for the rendezvous so it'll have to be something I can arrive with either prepared the night before, or that i can whip up at her place using a limited kitchen (i don't know what she has, but i'm sure there's adequate cooking equipment...)

I'm really just trying to make a good impression here, any help that anyone can offer would be wonderful.

maybe tofu burgers (can easily post good recipe for you) cos you can wrap them and carry them easily
or if you wanted somethig a bit more glam you could go for kinda mezze type food, take some hummous, some nice middle eastern type bread, a red pepper&tomato type dip/sauce, some stuffed or roasted eggplant (room temperature herbed roast veg are always good and kinda trad middle eastern food), spiced butter beans.  can give you some recipes.
re dessert, cake travels well, could make some little decorated cupcakes or fun dessert like veggie jello (added advantge of being way easy to make) and fresh fruit salad?

hope this is some help


I would second a mezze type plate with a range of nibbles - then you can experiment and see what she does like, eg if she hates artichoke hearts then better a few on a small plate than a dish made form them. ALso this type of meal allows for a relaxed, intimate style of dining, don't you think. Good idea.


This is an easy dessert: cut up some strawberries,add a spoonful of honey (if she eats it), if not, some other sweetener. I also add blueberries(I use frozen) Let it sit for a bit, so the juices meld together. Get a can of coconut milk. Do not shake it, take the thick part off the top and mix it all up. Voila a yummy and wonderful looking treat :D hope this helps! You can use whatever fruits and berries, but this is a really good combination.


I would suggest finding out what she likes to eat, what specific foods.

One thing that I enjoy making that can be reheated beautifully is Seitan Roast w/ Stuffing inside. 

You could make spaghetti, lasagna, stir fry, paella, or anything you really enjoy and think she would too.

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