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Juicing and pulp

Anybody have anything exciting they do with the pulp from juicing rather than just throwing it in the garbage? Looking for ideas here :-p

I like to add carrot pulp into mock salad sandwhiches, salads, or carrot cake. I've heard you can make masks from the pulp, I think you just have to add a sticky substance (e.g. agave nectar) and press it on your face, but I haven't tried it yet.


hmmm that sounds cool, the baking  part with the pulp

i don't like juicing, i prefer my vitamix!!!

an amazing machine...well worth the money i paid for it--yep yep yep


If you like carrot juice, you can make carrot cake with the pulp.


I do the face mask thing.  If i've been juicing fruits, especially blueberries, I slather it on, right after I juice.  I don't mix the pulp with anything.  You can feel it tingling, I assume from the fruit acids, and my skin looks great for days!  Once the blueberries stained my skin, but my face wash got it right off.

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