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Ideas for a State Fair Vegan Sandwich contest?

Hi all,

I am writing from the Michigan State Fair. During our Fair, we run a number of different cooking contests, and this year we are interested in running a vegan/vegetarian sandwich contest. I was wondering if anyone can help us with ideas. We definitely want to limit the entries to sandwiches, but basically we need help determining what we can use, what we can't use, etc. In the contest listing we usually list the specific rules. I think rule #1 will be "no meat" but what else should we list? What kinds of things does "vegetarian sandwich" imply? TIA!

For me, vegan and vegetarian are totally different. So I think you need to decide that first. One implies anything but meat (although to some it will include chicken and seafood), and the other, vegan, implies no eggs,no dairy (or dairy products like whey or casein), no animal products of any kind. That is, no asian sauces that may contain oysters, no gelatin, no animal shortening etc. Here's a link to  hidden animal ingredients:

I think it's a great idea though.


Thank you for the information, very helpful  :)


My favourite sandwiches are mock egg salad (made with tofu, vegan mayo, and lots of dill), "TLT" (marinated tempeh, lettuce, and tomato with vegan mayo), and vegan pesto, roasted red peppers, red onions, and sundried tomato. Vegan sandwiches don't have to be boring or contain just veggies. I also like putting hummus, saurkraut, tofurkey deli "meat", and even leftover seitan or beans.

If you made the category vegetarian, I imagine 90% of the sandwiches will use cheese as a main ingredient. Vegan sandwiches are more inventive, but still taste AWESOME. 

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