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How to use lasagna noodles?

I've been shopping at Winco and trying to save money by buying in bulk.  Last night I bought wheat lasagna noodles from the bins, all it says was Lasagna noodles and the ingredient which was wheat durum semolina (sp?). There were no instructions for preparation.  Are these "oven-ready" or will I need to boil them before I make lasagna with them? In the past I've always gotten "oven-ready" If I do have to boil them what's the general rule on that? 


I have never seen these oven ready noodles. ???

Just fill a stock pot with water & a bit of oil. Bring to a boil & add noodles. Cook till they are desired tenderness. Drain.

Since your lasagna noodles are going to cook some more in the oven, you don't have to cook to quite the same tenderness as you would noodles you are going to serve straight up.


If your not ready to use the noodles immediatly after cooking them, put them into a large bowl of cold water.  I find if I leave them in the pot they stick together in one big clump :P



Thanks for the feedback.  :)


I have never ever precooked lasagna noodles, oven ready or not.  I simply layer them on making sure to cover them generously with sauce and bake for at least an hour.  Always turns out just fine for me.

Good luck with it!


i have used no boil noodles for the first time ever at my future MIL's was all she had but i can say i like the regular kind better.  i had to dunk them in boiling water first because they were cracking when i was trying to spread my tofu out on them....they were also not quite as good in texture i found them to have a slightly gluey taste.  i prefer to just cook the regular ones for a few min prior to putting them in the baking dish.  HTH!

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