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fleischmann's margarine- vegan?

does anybody know for sure if fleischmann's margarine is vegan or not?
i've seen it listed on some vegan sites as an ok product for us to use, but on another site i read that the vitamin d in it is from an animal source, so now i'm confused.
i've looked on the company website, but couldnt really tell anything from there.
i've started using earth balance for now, as i don't feel happy with using the fleischmann's until i'm sure it is ok... but i'd really like it to be vegan as the earth balance is nice, but its just a bit toooooo buttery for me!
thankyou for your help!

I just got off the phone with them (1-800-988-7808) and they told me that the vitamin D sources include fish, liver, and fortified milk.



ewww double ewwww triple ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. thankyou! i'll donate it to the cow eating boyfriend then- he'll eat it- and stick with the earthbalance. thanks so much!


earth balance is nice, but its just a bit toooooo buttery for me!

Have you tried Earth Balance Soy Garden Spread? Vegan and not as buttery!


haven't found that one yet- thanks- i'll look out for it. my little local health food store doesn't stock it, but they have the buttery earth balance, so i'll ask them to get the soy garden one in for me.
there is still a lot of things i've yet to discover- i'm used to all the british ingredients and products after 25 years there, and haven't spent long enough here (canada) to figure all the new stuff out, and get all my new stuff together, lol.
it doesn't help that i'm the only vegan (in person) that i know, lol, and i'm in quite a small town. its quite exciting working it out and finding new things though, i guess!
i'll give it a try, thanks!

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