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Cooked Jello Pudding

Has anyone ever made cooked Jello pudding mix with an alternative to cow's milk?  I noticed today that the mix appears to be vegan.

If so, what type of milk have you used?  Which works best or did it work at all?

Any suggestions would be great.

I miss pudding and never liked instant.


As a small child I was very lactose intolerant so my mother made Jello Pudding with water instead of milk. It tasted ok to us, and cooked correctly. She also used soymilk occasionally. I don't know if it was just because I'd never tasted it made with milk, but we liked it.


try mixing a pack of extra firm silken tofu
2/3 cup sugar
1/4 c oil (or less)
2 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt
3T coco powder (leave this out for vanilla)

in your food processor. It takes like 25 seconds and you don't have to worry about your pan burning (my cooked pudding always burned).

The best pudding I've ever had!  I do flavor variations of this as well-cappuccino, adding crumbled cookies,  etc.....


i use soymilk and arrowroot. soymilk alone will not thicken up like dairymilk does, so you need a thickener


i thought jello pudding mix has gelatin in it?


Using soymilk alone will not lead to satisfactory results.  It might set up a bit but it'll be mostly soupy. I've done it with tofu (like with the mori nu tofu mates pudding) but it gives it a bit of a strange taste. It's not a bad taste, just something that detracts from the pudding in my opinion. Soymilk with arrowroot (or maybe corn starch) might work better.


You can make homemade pudding with soymilk and cornstarch.  You need not look any further for a recipe than the box of cornstarch, at least the box with a blue corn stalk.  Using soy in any of the box kinds won't set.  I have attributed this to the casein in milk, which soy won't have.

Mori-nu makes soy pudding mixes that are used in silken tofu.  I THINK I have seen these mixes on  I love the lemon and the vanilla myself.  The other poster is right on about making pudding with silken tofu. I have to say, I like her version VERY much, it is wonderful and no scortched pan to clean!

I have seen recipes that use soymilk to make tapioca.  I have not tried these yet and I can't tell you why not.  I love tapioca!  I might do that tonight as I have soymilk that needs to get used here. 


Thanks all.

A follow up.

Jello pudding has cornstarch in it, not gelatin.

Arrowroot is Ener-G, right?  How much arrowroot do I use for a four-serving box?

See, this is the deal.  I have several boxes of Jello pudding left over from pre-vegan days.  Yes, this is nearly two years, but my eating motto is pretty much if it doesn't have anything growing on it or crawling in it and it smells ok, I'll try it.  I'd like to try and use these before I try something new and vegan.

I'm willing to risk a couple cups of soymilk to try one of these boxes.  But I definitely want it to set up.  I always liked it cold with a nice thick skin on the top.  Delish!

Some specific followup as to how I can try to make this work would be great.  Thanks!


i can say that i have tried to use jello pudding with soymilk and it DOES NOT SET...


Arrowroot is Ener-G, right?  How much arrowroot do I use for a four-serving box?

Arrowroot is definitely not Ener-G egg replacer (or any other ener-g product that I can think of). I have a couple jars of it in my pantry (it was on clearance at the market once) but I haven't used it much. I suppose it's one of those "test it out for yourself" kind of things...


If you buy arrowroot at the regular grocery store in the spice isle you will pay a fortune -- like $5 for a little bottle of it. Instead, look for it at your local health food store in the bake isle with the flour. In fact, it is sometimes called arrowroot flour. Bob's Red Mill has it in bags for about the same cost as those little spice bottles.

Also, I finally started buying my spices through Penzys, online. I've been saving my bottles for a couple of years now - not sure why it took me so long. But I love them. They are fresher & so much cheaper. I haven't checked their selection of organic spices, though.


Soy milk WILL work for Jello Instant Pudding mixes.  Here's how...

1) Use 1.5 cups instead of 2
2) Heat the soy milk to about 170 F (doesn't have to be exact)
3) Follow directions on the box from step 1. 

As long as you see cornstarch as the first ingredient on the pudding box this method should work, as cornstarch as a thickener is activated by heat.


When I make pudding, I just use 1 box of jello pudding mix and 1 cup of coconut milk.

I had always thought that the lesser fat content in soy milk was what prevented it from setting up properly, so I decided to try Coconut Milk instead (since it has the same amount of saturated fat as whole milk) and it worked.


THANK YOU! I just made some instant pudding with canned coconut milk I had left over and it was heavenly. Way better than tofu version (which is also quite good).

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