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baking Q

so i haven't been about for ages and now im posting 2 things!!

ive been trying to make cookies and muffins with fresh fruit but they go soggy fast, if they dry out at all, when i bake them, any suggestions on how to prevent this?  i have been using chopped apples mainly but have also tried nectarines.  sometimes when making carrot cake i include grated apple, maybe i should just grate all fruit that i include?  or just use dried fruit. sigh.

also does anyone have a recipe for CHEWY oatmeal raison cookies? 

any thoughts?

thank you


mmmmmm cake :)

for your fruit problem(the sogginess...)try maybe laying out the fruit on paper towel to soak up some of the moisture--blot blot blot???

or...maybe if you toss them in flour first before adding them to the batter(i know that is supposed to stop the color from 'bleeding' into the batter)but yor problem  was sogginess not 'bleeding fruit' haha

ummm ya give it a try, i would go with the paper towel thing first


I got this tip somewhere...

Before you mix your wet and dry ingredients... take a few tablespoons of the dry mix and gently toss it with the fruit.. Then mix your wet and dry, then fold in the fruit... this works wonders for frozen blueberries in muffins..


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