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VW 2010 Meet up in Asheville, NC

So off screen, Lotus, Nutdragon and I did some talking and picked the date of July 23-25. It is the weekend of Belle Chere, a great Asheville Festival. Lots of live music and partying going on....and since it sounds like not many people are planning on going on the trip, I don't think lodging will be a huge issue.

Here's a link to the Festival Website:

There is plenty of other things to do if you are not into loud music and festivals. Hiking and exploring for one!

Later on when I am more motivated, I will add some links to this thread that show you other things you can do and visit in the area. I hope Nutdragon will help with this part!  ;)b

For now, how about posting if you plan to come or not! I don't want to put a lot of effort into this if no one is going.  :P
My city got picked, so I feel some sort of responsibility to get this thing moving.

And will you be driving or flying?

You can fly into the Asheville Airport (15 min from downtown). Or Greenville SOUTH CAROLINA (1:20 away from AV). Charlotte is also an option but it is a 2 hour drive or so.
If your town has Allegiant Air, you can get some really good deals into Greenville. My mom got $12 round trip tickets once.

Feel free to ask any questions here, or PM me as well.


Ahh, I would so come, but my flight leaves back to Switzerland July 24th! Up it a weekend and I'm there  ;)b.

Have fun everyone who goes!


darnit, darnit, darnit.
....I thought the big 2010 meetup was going to be in August, and I was totally planning on being there!

James' birthday is on the 24th, and We're throwing a huge party which will involve at least an extra day to set up. I definitely can't make it.  :'(

Have fun though, everybody!


So is anyone coming to this? SB? Lubi? Lotus?
Some other stuff is coming up and I will go ahead and make other plans if this is a bust.


awww that would be so sad.


damnit I really wish I had that teleporter I'm always talking about, I would so love to set up camp in L2A's back yard and hang out with Noah and Lyle    : )
The $million flights and time off work required kind of make it impossible without the teleporter though...  : /


:( well, it looks like no one is coming, so you won't be missing anything!
I guess another time.


:( well, it looks like no one is coming, so you won't be missing anything!
I guess another time.


Hey, if We still want to have some kind of Southeastern location for a big meetup, maybe We could plan for something in Asheville, OR in the Atlanta area...? later this year.
It sure is pretty out here in the fall... *hint* hint*


Sorry LTA!  Concerts have been draining my finances lately and I won't be able to make the trip.
(Which may be a good thing though because I can see myself LOVING all of those unique crafty things people are selling and spending way too much on things I don't need.)



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